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Episode # 6 - Jason McKee: Centre Ice Hockey Show Podcast - Junior Hockey Radio

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Centre Ice Hockey Show: Episode # 6 - Jason McKee
Centre Ice Hockey Show covers the Canadian Junior Hockey League from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, Newfoundland that is comprised of all 10 Junior A hockey leagues in Canada. The CJHL represents more than 120 teams and 2,500 players and has over 2,800 former players furthering their hockey careers at the professional, major junior and college level across North America. Centre Ice Hockey Show Radio gives a no-holds-barred look at the Canadian Junior Hockey League from owners, coaches, players and fans. Centre Ice Hockey Show will widely help popularize the sports talk format across Canada, North America in hockey the world for the Canadian Junior Hockey League. Centre Ice Hockey Show will be known to sports fans everywhere for its feisty, unflinchingly candid approach to talking hockey and unrestrained, rapid-fire delivery of their thoughts.

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