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Players' Log: Day 33 in Alaska - Junior Hockey News

Published: Friday, 2 Jul 2021  
By: Jake Measel

Today is the last day that my roommate and I have a workout and an ice session this week. I woke up did my morning ritual as I usually do before heading to work out. 

My injury from the camp last week has been getting better lately but today, it has probably put me in the most pain I’ve felt since getting hurt. I’ve been tired of taking it easy in the workouts this week though, so I decided to just tough it out and push through the pain. 

After the workout I got back to the house and iced my back so it could be ready for the skate later today. I had a good meal before heading to the rink for the only Coach Morris skate we had this week. I pushed through pain at the skate as well and worked as hard as I could. 

After the skate, I got a chiropractor’s location that I could go to so they can stretch out my back put it back into place so the pain can hopefully go away. 

After getting home I had some pizza that my billet dad had made for us. After eating and watching some game shows with my billet dad, my roommate and I went downstairs for the night and played some video games together before going to bed.

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