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Players' Log: Day 29 in Alaska - Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 28 Jun 2021  
By: Jake Measel

Sunday morning, I woke up with excitement because I knew the All-star game was going to bring in a crowd of people to watch potential players for their new team. For breakfast, I had toast with eggs and ham. 

My roommate and my old teammate also made the All-Star game. When the time came, we headed to the rink to get ready for our game. 

My roommate and my old teammate were on the other team sadly so they will be playing against me today. My team played quite well defensively which led to many offensive chances, with that being said we were able to win 6-2. Although we won, I didn’t play the way wanted to since I was playing hurt, but I still had some good moments. 

After the game, I went up to talk with coach Morris and Head coach Aikens about my weekend. They told me that I may have a pretty good chance of making their training camp. 

After taking my mom back to her hotel for a little bit I took a nap before taking my mom out to dinner and to see the ocean. After seeing the view of the ocean, I took my mom back to her hotel for the last time this weekend because she is flying home at 5:00 tomorrow morning. 

When I got home from my night with my mom, I was pretty tired from all the games I played so I went to bed.

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