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Players' Log: Day Nine in Alaska - Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 8 Jun 2021  
By: Jake Measel

Today my roommate and I started this week’s grind between the skates and working out. 

For breakfast, I had a Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwich with some fruit. 

The time came where we had to go to work out, my roommate and I got there early to roll out our muscles and get ready for our workout. We also talked to some of our friends. 

After our workout, got back home and had some lunch, I had a sandwich and a salad. After lunch, I went downstairs for a bit before I had to get ready for my skate. 

For my meal before my skate, I had leftover fettuccini alfredo with a salad. 

At the skate today I think we had the most skaters we have had so far. It was a lot faster-paced today than it has been before. 

After the skate got over, we made it back home just after the Montreal Canadians swept the Winnipeg Jets. 

So instead of staying upstairs and watching the game, my roommate and I finished off the rest of the fettuccini alfredo and went downstairs and finished out our night playing some video games.

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