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Behind the Bench, March 3rd- Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 2 Mar 2021  
By: Michael Moore,


Hi Guys,

Wow! What a difference a week makes. I saw more activity in the past week than I have seen in months. Junior teams have been in touch, looking for prospects for next year. With rosters freezing, the sights toward fielding a competitive team for next season are coming into view. Moreover, local governments, associations and teams are opening back up. Thus bringing more teams and facilities back online and more opportunity players. Families have been highly engaged in getting their players into the most advantageous situation possible. I have watched so many promising players this week that I am quite excited for next season to begin. Please, if Juniors is your goal for next year do NOT hesitate to reach out! NOW IS THE TIME! 

On that note, it is time to bring your “A” game. Teams want leaders both on and off the ice. Are you ready?  

The answer is, “YES!” If your answer was anything different then you have some serious work to do. I asked coach Littler if he had any recent articles on Leadership we could share for our players about to make the jump to Juniors. He provided me with this article. At first, I was somewhat confused because this article is clearly about business leadership but as I read it I could see why Coach found relevant value in it. The attributes discussed are the same that are needed to succeed in hockey and life in general. I encourage you all to read it and  to begin deploying the habits it addresses.

Sabuth Suny Ruthba |  Published:  February 10, 2021

Not everyone is born with leadership skills. It is always possible to gain them during the course of self-growth. 

It does not matter if one is running a business, managing a team, or teaching a class-- leadership skills are important since it is required in every stage of a job. It is not just something that can be pulled off anytime like a rabbit out of the magician's hat. It is something to be nurtured from a very early stage.

Great leadership is dynamic; it compounds a variety of unique skills into an integrated whole; and is also founded in a person's general habits.  Following are some of the essential habits that exceptional leaders rely on every day that youths can follow.

Seeking new experiences and ways of thinking-

They love getting ahead of the curve and are interested in what is next, take a spin on new technology, meet new people and chat easily about what people are passionate about.

This attribute constitutes to a person's communication and people skills.

Adhering to the golden rule-

The golden rule- "Treat others as you want to be treated"- assumes that all people are the same. But great leaders do not treat people how they themselves want to be treated and instead, treat each person as he or she would like to be treated.

Great leaders learn what makes people tick, recognise their needs in the moment, and adapt their leadership style accordingly.

They see opportunities where others see challenges- 

They do not give up when the going gets tough and they keep on improvising. Before Harry Potter became a success, JK Rowling was a divorced mother, living on welfare, going to school and trying to write a novel in her spare time. She titled herself as the "biggest failure I knew," but now credits a lot of her success to her failure.

Taking risks thoughtfully-

Great leaders see opportunity where others do not. But their every move is researched and the risks associated are weighed beforehand. Hence, they always have plans but are also willing to instantly drop certain plans if the risks seem too unrealistic.

They dare to fail-

"The difference between winners and losers is how they handle losing," Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote in Harvard Business Review in 2016.

To lead well is to risk failure, and resilience helps leaders to bounce back from the inevitable hardships and setbacks. Great leaders know this well, and they learn to use failure.

They give themselves a break- 

Great leaders have ambitious goals, and they work hard to achieve them. But they also know that workaholism and burnout will not get them very far. So they take time to rest and recharge in order to boost their creativity and mental sharpness. Break time is important to them for productivity as well as mental health like small breaks throughout the day, and even some vacation time during the year.

Some people seem to be born knowing what to do to inspire and lead people, but for most of the majority, it does not come naturally.

Luckily for them, leadership is not a magical gift but a set of skills that can be acquired and practiced. It may come more easily to some than to others, but it is within the reach of everyone.

Unlocking one's greatness is not about big gestures, but about making a habit out of the little things that ultimately translate into a huge impact; as Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

VICTORIOUS CLIENTS- are you updating your profile? You need to make certain that you are doing so. Your advisor is not your social media manager. That is your personal profile and it is up to you to make certain that you have it up to date. Especially now that hockey is beginning to come back online everywhere. Head over and update your page to let everyone know what you are doing this week, what you are doing to get better. Don’t get left behind. Keep it updated! 

Not a Victorious client? Don't have a profile yet? That’s okay you can still get one, it's completely free. Just go to: 

Players and families, we want to hear from you. If there are any questions, concerns, or if you just want to have a conversation, please feel free to contact us directly. We want to hear from you. Good Luck and Great Hockey!

Thank you,
Team VHC

Author: Michael Moore from
Michael is a professional hockey scout and advisor with Victorious Hockey helping North America’s top hockey prospects fulfill their ultimate playing potential.

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