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Daily Dish: Poor Me? Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020  
By: Stephen Heisler,

Do you hear it? Nope, I can't hear it either. There are no violins, harps, or french horns being played as a result of lost opportunities and shattered dreams. 

Yes, this politically charged pandemic crisis is already causing turmoil for 2020-21 hockey season. Heck, the 2019-20 season is still going on for the National Hockey League boys. We are into the final week of August with most of the junior hockey leagues across the country delaying the start of the season until God only really knows when.

Yes, there will be teams that cannot hit the ice this season. There's nothing like the reality of an arena lease, combined with COVID attendance restrictions, to make an owner think twice about moving forward. One North American Hockey League team has already announced their decision to suspend operations for the season and there could be more.

Here's what we do know. 

It's never a good idea to burn bridges or snub opportunities. That NA3HL contract offer from May that was passed up could now cost $3,000 to $7,000 more now that there are many more players than roster spots. We all know how the supply and demand game is played, right?

Don't make the mistake of having all your eggs in a single basket and don't be the player (or parent) struggling to secure just ANY place to play. 

Here's a tip for you to think about, we have been telling Victorious Hockey Company clients that the IceRays were not a safe option since April. As a result, we did not have a single player at any of the IceRays camp because we knew better. Let that sink in. 

We've help our clients avoid questionable situations and we can certainly help you too.   

Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with Victorious Hockey Company. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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