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Behind the Bench, July 14th Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020  
By: Michael Moore

Hi guys!

Camps are underway! Are you ready? Better shore up your high inensity interval training before you hit the ice! 

Coach Littler has some pointers for you to keep in mind as you get after it. Have a read-



“What such a man needs is not courage, but nerve control, cool headedness. This he can get only by practice.” -Theodore Roosevelt

(When Ulysses S. Grant was sitting for a picture by Mathew Brady, he sent an assistant to uncover the skylight. It broke.)

As the pieces hit the ground. Brady looked and saw that Grant hadn’t moved. He was unhurt.

When we aim high, pressure and stress obligingly come along for the ride. Stuff is going to happen that catches us off guard, threatens or scares us. Surprises (unpleasant ones, mostly) are almost guaranteed. The risk of being overwhelmed is always there.

In these situations, talent is not the most sought-after characteristic.

Grace and poise are,

because these 2 attributes

precede the opportunity

to deploy any other skill.

Don’t think for a second that grace and poise are the soft attributers of some aristocrat.

Ultimately nerve

is a matter of

defiance and control.

Defiance and acceptance come together well in the following principle: There is always a countermove, always an escape or a way through, so there is no reason to get worked up. No one said it would be easy and, of course, the stakes are high, but the path is there for those ready to take it.


“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.” -Publius Syrus

When Americans raced to send the first men into space, they trained the astronauts in one skill more than in any other:

the art of not panicking.

When people panic, they make mistakes.

They override systems.

They disregard procedures, ignore rules.

They deviate from the plan.

They become unresponsive and stop thinking clearly.

They just react – not to what they need to react you, but to the survival hormones that are coursing through their veins.

Uncertainties and fear relieved by authority. Training is authority. It’s a release valve. With enough exposure, you can adapt out those perfectly ordinary , even innate, fears that are bred mostly from unfamiliarity. Fortunately, unfamiliarity is simple to fix (again not easy) which makes it possible to increase our tolerance for stress and uncertainty.

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the earth, spent nearly a day in space still keeping his heart rate under 100 beats per minute. That’s a man not simply sitting at the controls bit in control of his emotions. A man who had properly cultivated, what Tom Wolfe later called, “the Right Stuff”.

Don’t let negativity set in, don’t let those emotions even get started. Just say: No thank you. I can’t afford to panic.

We defeat emotions with logic, or at least that’s the idea. Logic is questions and statements. With enough of them, we get to root causes (which are always easier to deal with).

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Thank you,

Team VHC

Author: Michael Moore
Michael is a professional hockey scout and advisor with Victorious Hockey helping North America’s top hockey prospects fulfill their ultimate playing potential.

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