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Published: Thursday, 4 Jun 2020  
By: Stephen Heisler,

There is much more to the player identification game than just statistics. Players that strive to be more than just a number, size, or numerical performance should pay close attention. Those that feel they have mastered the game need not continue.

Parents of players from both above types of players should certainly read on.

I’ll hit the 54 year mark in a few months with the bulk of those years spent within the sport of ice hockey. Writing about the game for the past dozen or so years has delivered a network of contacts and allies within the sport that would rival anyone’s.

Throughout all these years, there is one part of my career that remains unquestioned, and that is my advocacy for the players.

Teaming up with coaching icon Bliss Litter to create Victorious Hockey was by far the most important step in an effort to take the family advisory/consulting business to a new degree of professionalism. Now nearly a full year into the project, the company and game are facing challenges that could never have been imagined.

The truth is that almost anything can happen. What we do know is that the game will be played and it's our job to make sure that each and every client are lined up to make the most of those opportunities. Wherever they may be.

After years of intensely developing (and now .ca) into the level of play's informational leader it is today, Victorious Hockey is armed with an unprecedented vehicle to deliver on the promise of opportunity and exposure.

Getting to this point has not been easy but we can't help but believe that the reward has been worth the hard work.

There are roughly 8,000 players on nearly 400 junior hockey teams across the counties of Canada and the United States.  Add in the thousands of players at the high school, bantam and midget levels and that number is multiplied many times over.  

A mere fraction of these players have any kind of shot at the glory of the National Hockey League so college hockey is a more attainable goal. There are 135+ teams playing NCAA hockey across two divisions. Only 59 of those teams are playing at the Division I level.  The American Collegiate Hockey Association and Canadian collegiate hockey also provides opportunities to play good hockey while in school. 

The system of development in the United States is geared to push players to these NCAA programs.  In contrast, Hockey Canada's system identifies professional prospects almost right out of the womb. In Canada, hockey is the king of sports, here in the United States, the sport is lucky to break the top five. Canada has ten leagues at, or equal to, the USHL and NAHL. There are also twenty-four leagues at lower levels of play. All of these players would love to get the chance to earn one of those coveted NCAA roster spots, and often do.

At this point in a player's life, parents have spent a small fortune on teams, camps, equipment, gasoline, and time. Very few players are going to the NHL; so many parents just hope just hope for a free, or even reduced, cost to play in college.

So what separates the prospect from the pretenders? Abilities on the ice are an absolute waste if the prospect does not have the academics to match. That is not a popular statement to make, but ask just about every college coach and you will hear the same thing. College coaches are also going to talk about being a good citizen and ability to fit into the team.

In the past, players have had to hit the summer circuit of tryouts and showcase events to get noticed. That system is is completely out of sync this off-season so it's important for players to secure opportunities in different ways.

Today, if a college or higher level junior coach is interested in any certain player, he needs to communicate that interest through the junior or youth level coach. What if he does not know that coach or even worse, does not like him? Most likely the coach will go to the most inexpensive tool in his recruiting arsenal when it comes to getting information about a player? Google.

The search engine giant considers as the #1 source of the level’s news on the internet. Victorious Hockey clients are given a rare opportunity to maximize individual relevancy while giving potential colleges (and even future employers) a dynamic insight to determine just what kind of man resides within each player.

With coach Littler's general direction, we concentrate on making sure our clients are given the opportunity to succeed. That can be the BCHL, USHL, NAHL, or even one of the pay-to-play leagues, regardless, we make sure each player is getting the most from the experience both off and on-ice.

There may be 250 other advisory companies out there, I can now name six off the top of my head. The difference is that ALL the other guys know exactly who we are.

Simply said Victorious Hockey gives junior, and college coaches the opportunity to identify and communicate with players while working with an advisor most of them already know.

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Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with Victorious Hockey Company. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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