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Behind the Bench, Mar 25th – Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020  
By: Michael Moore


Hi guys,

How is everyone holding up? Stir crazy yet? Yeah, me too. Well, this week’s message from Coach Littler’s notes is brief but strong. We all need a little strength right now. Hang in there.

The Daily Coach, Mar 18

In times of crisis, those we lead need reassurance. They need hope. They need a belief that together we will all prevail.
In times of constant change, leaders must be flexible.

We see this every single day. In the morning, there is one major problem, and before lunch, a completely different one that needs our full attention. Some might claim leaders need to multi-task, but we know giving half our attention to a significant problem will never resolve it. 

When Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain before the start of WWII, many questioned his judgment and leadership. Mostly because Churchill was able to see into the future, he was able to make an unpopular statement that went against most Brit’s beliefs, including those in his political party. That moral courage is why Churchill remains a significant example of leadership today. 

Another pivotal skill Churchill possessed was he could spend time on one thing, then entirely shift his focus onto a more pressing matter. 

During a time of crisis, everyone and everything mattered. 

Now is the time to be able to shift focus quickly but also be able to communicate with one another clearly and concisely. 

Communication is everything; how we handle those we lead from different locations will require us to shift our focus and not get flustered.

We must over-communicate during times of great duress. It’s part of our job and it’s needed now more than ever. 

In times of crisis, those we lead need reassurance. They need hope. They need a belief that together we will all prevail. How we communicate those beliefs is more important than any task we take on.

The United States postal system still is operating; send hand-written notes of encouragement. Take the time to show you care more than ever. Spread your message in different ways, show the versatility of being able to move from one urgent and important matter to another.   

As Churchill said: We will prevail.

Stay safe friends. We will get through this.

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Thank you,
Team VHC


Author: Michael Moore
Michael is a professional hockey scout and advisor with Victorious Hockey helping North America’s top hockey prospects fulfill their ultimate playing potential.

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