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5-Hole Graphics and First Call are Back Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020  
By: Cliff Cook, 5-Hole Graphics

Hey readers, it's Cliff Cook, formerly of First Call on with Stephen Heisler (then later by lonesome). Well, I'm back! After a couple seasons as Head Coach and GM of the Missoula Jr Bruins in the NA3HL I'm moving back South, which you'll read about in the next paragraph, but with that in mind I'm back on (slowly at first) and am excited to even bring back First Call this Summer!

As I move into the next chapter of my coaching career at Missouri State University, one which will allow me time to take a step back from the stress and grind of Head Coach and GM duties, I’m excited to be able to re-establish my team/player/league marketing business, 5-Hole Graphics!

With over 40 years in hockey, including over 20 in coaching all levels and most of that time handling team and association marketing and all that entails, I decided years ago to create 5-Hole Graphics in order to help other organizations. The Junior hockey world has become more cutthroat than any of would have imagined or hoped, so a strong marketing plan is important for recruiting and overall team success.

These are just some of the items I can help your organization with:

1. Social Media: The First Line of Offense
When it comes to teenage hockey players, your website is not your first line of offense when it comes to attracting talent. Putting together a solid social media campaign with dynamic graphics, insightful and informative posts and a broad range of viewership is key to reaching out to hockey players quickly.

Putting together a range of social media platforms that work together can be one of your most effective recruiting tools.

2. Website: Your Information SuperBook
Once you’ve attracted the attention of players and parents, your social media platforms will lead them to your team website. There are some great looking websites out there but looks can be deceiving. If things aren’t organized or clearly laid out for the visitor to make their way around the site quickly and easily, all the great looks and graphics can mean a whole lot of nothing. 

If players and parents can find their way around a site to find the important information, like coaches bios, rosters, alumni college commitments and, the all-forgotten CONTACT PAGE, then your site has become basically useless.

It won’t take long for people to get frustrated looking for information that should be easily accessible and give up, moving on to the next team.

Yes, it is that simple believe it or not.

3. or .ca: Sure, I’m Biased, But Trust Me, It Works
Packages are available while include advertising on and The most popular junior hockey news and information website in North America and growing every day with new writers, radio shows and more!

Tier III teams are STRUGGLING to fill rosters these days. I’m beyond talking about creating talented teams, I’m talking about simply filling rosters. If this much expansion is going to take place, the priority these days for coaches to keep their jobs is simply finding 25 paying customers. 
So where does this take us, perhaps to point #4

4. Writers Needed: Quality Writers Can Make Even the Worst Sound Great
Even the weakest teams in junior hockey, with a quality writer telling their story, can sound like a potential league champion. Creating an atmosphere of accomplishment and care for players can boost recruitment dramatically.

And Finally…

5. AirTime: That’s Right, How Many of Us Have Our Own Junior Podcast?
It is a unique feature to have access to an online radio podcast on the most visited junior hockey website in the world. First Call with Cliff Cook returns this Summer! As a team client of 5-Hole Graphics, you get the added bonus, at no additional cost, of airtime on First Call with Cliff Cook on!

Let’s answer some questions now, from a 5-Hole Graphics standpoint. We are in a unique position to handle ALL these five major issues and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Need marketing materials? Postcards, handouts, banners posters and more? We’ve got you covered. 

Contact my directly at and let’s discuss how we can fix your team or league’s image. Special package rates available or pick and choose what you need. We can discuss it all, tell you how we can help and if we can’t, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Author: Cliff Cook from 5-Hole Graphics

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