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Behind the Bench, Oct 30th - Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019  
By: Michael Moore

Happy Halloween Hockey Hooligans!

How is everybody doing? We have had a couple of showcases now and the CCM World Invite is happening this weekend in Chicago. Tons of hockey everywhere. We hope that your growth as a hockey player and as a person is keeping pace!

Coach Littler is keeping it short and sweet this week. I suspect that he has designs on clearing up some time in order to consume vast quantities of Halloween candy. That’s just an educated guess, of course! Coach wants all of you to take a look at this brief excerpt about what Tennessee Titans’ coach Mike Vrabel is doing to change the attitude and culture of his football team.

*The following are notes and abridged excerpts by Coach Bliss Littler from Erik Bacharach, Nashville Tennessean Sept. 6, 2019

The mantra is emblazoned over an image of the Lombardi Trophy near the exit of the team facility, the last thing the Titans players see before they trot onto the practice field. They’re reminded of the slogan soon after they hit the field – it’s etched into one of the bordering fences at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

And if they slip up during practice, they’ll be reminded of it again by coach Mike Vrabel, loudly and emphatically.

The goal?
“We’re going to try to remind ourselves
that we’re trying to be great every day.”

Vrabel, entering his second season as Titans coach, said in April: "Instead of throwing it out there, ‘Hey, I’m good,’ (we say,) ‘I’m great.’ We’ve got to believe that we can be great to take the next step and do that every single day.” And so “good to great” went from an idea to a mantra to the expectation, a self-imposed bar for this 2019 Titans team to clear.

“Good” is no longer good enough for a team aiming to get over the hump of three straight 9-7 seasons, especially when it has only one playoff appearance in that span to show for it. Its first attempt at being great the Titans beat the Browns, 43-10.

Sure it’s football but the concept holds true in hockey as well. Changing an attitude or culture all begins with taking that first step. Even if that step is small (like a saying or a mantra), everything has to start somewhere. Where it ends is up to you, so think BIG!

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Author: Michael Moore
Michael is a professional hockey scout and advisor with Victorious Hockey helping North America’s top hockey prospects fulfill their ultimate playing potential.

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