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Published: Friday, 20 Aug 2021  
By: Stephen Heisler,

The player is always #1 at Because of this, we often get attacked for carrying out a certain agenda. Our agenda is simple. We look out for the player and try to present accurate information to assist each player (and his family) in making the right choices.

There are a few choices every player needs to make before embarking on a junior hockey career. The first is to establish his goals. College or pro? The second is to take a realistic inventory of his assets. If the player is struggling to maintain a 2.0 GPA after the sophomore year of high school, he needs to stay in school and work to raise his numbers, junior hockey is not the best option. 

A 2.0 GPA player is not going to have success in college. His grades are not going to benefit from changing schools and the burden of junior hockey. Anybody that tells the player different is not looking out for the best interest of the player, but is looking out for his own. is going to protect the player, but we are not going to blow smoke up his backside.  Academic and athletic performance carry equal weight to college coaches.

Get a free profile and take charge of the system. From first year bantams looking to establish a name to last year juniors looking for a situation that allows him to keep playing, having an updated and accurate profile is for you.

The Advantages of Having a Profile
Exposure. Hosting a profile on gives each prospect an incredible vehicle to market himself, advise of his current situation, and to let college coaches and fans know of his personal athletic and academic goals. No other recruiting site can offer this kind of exposure because is primarily a news site. Our readers return everyday to get the latest developments from the level of play. Our prospects get to take advantage of this by being quickly accessible.

Information. Change is inevitable. When a player is added or dropped from a roster, we want the player to quickly update his status. The latest updates appear at the top of the profile page. 

It's time to get yours.

Want more info? Contact me directly. or call 727-244-7116

Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with Victorious Hockey Company. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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