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Introducing Intern Writer Patrick Auld Junior Hockey News

Published: Friday, 8 Feb 2019  
By: Patrick Auld

Sports in general have been my passion since I was a kid, but beyond that I always had a special passion for the sport of hockey. 

As a kid, I started playing baseball at the age of five with tee ball. At the same time, I began roller hockey at a local rink called Tab Ramos which was a town over from mine. My hometown is Hazlet, New Jersey, which is a small town in Mounmouth County. At the time I was committed to both sports, with roller hockey taking my time in the fall and winter while the spring and summer months being consumed with baseball. 

My dad was born in Queens and lived there until he was fourteen. His parents then divorced and he moved with his dad out to Metuchen, New Jersey. My dad was a bigger baseball fan than hockey, with him playing four years of varsity baseball in his years during high school. At the same token, while living in New York he played tons of street hockey, although never organized. He introduced both sports to me when I was a young age. 

I loved roller hockey and loved baseball to an equal amount when I was young. When I entered eighth grade, my best friend, who I met playing roller hockey at Tab Ramos, made the transition from wheels to blades as he went to play travel ice hockey. I decided to make the same move, and that move changed my life. 

I left roller hockey and tried out for a local travel ice hockey team called the Old Bridge Jr. Knights. I was lucky enough to make their Bantam B team, and my travel ice hockey career officially began. I played two years of Bantam in Old Bridge both with their Bantam B teams. I never was the most skilled player, but I prided myself on working hard and being a good teammate. Along with those qualities, I have always been competitive in most things I do. Whether that be playing NHL on my Playstation 2 or playing for the Jr. Knights, I wanted to win. 

Once my two years at the Bantam level ended, I moved to midget minor where I played two years at Midget 16a.  During my second year is when I found myself as a defenseman. I gained some weight and grew a good amount, and this was when I realized I would be best fitted as a defenseman. During these years is when I began my high school career, where I was lucky enough to play three years from my Sophomore to Senior year. I switched organizations for my first and only season of Midget major when I went to the Woodbridge Wolfpack for my final year of travel hockey. 

I went to Rider University in the fall of 2015 and joined their club hockey team at the Division Two level. I have been lucky enough to be part of the team for my four years here at school. I currently am a Senior and unfortunately my competitive hockey career will come to an end this coming March. I do a radio show called “In the Stands” on Friday afternoons on 107.7 the Bronc, which is Rider’s radio station talking all things hockey. I will be graduating in May with a Sports Media degree looking to enter the media field within sports.

The New York Rangers are my favorite team, and they are my love and passion. I watch them as often as possible, as I am lucky enough to have season tickets for them. Hockey is my passion, and I have been incredibly lucky enough to find it as it has made me the person who I am today and given me numerous friendships that I will have for the rest of my life.

Author: Patrick Auld

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