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Published: Monday, 26 Nov 2018  
By: Stephen Heisler,

Some people lost some sense while gobbling up all that turkey. That or there’s an epidemic of poor decision making going around the country. 

This goes out to every player that feels they don’t have to put in the work to get better, that a video game is going to make them better, or generally feels that the brown stuff flowing from the backside smells like roses; you are replaceable. Teams do it all the time. Ask all those 97s from last season if their junior team was able to go on without them.

So, lets get right to the fun stuff.

The Central Division race now has five of the six teams within striking distance of capturing the title this season.  That’s right, the fifth place Wilderness are seven points behind first-place Minot in one of junior hockey’s tightest divisions. 

That’s certainly not the case in the East where the Tomahawks continue to widen the gap between themselves and the field. Johnstown’s fifteen-game win streak has opened a sixteen-point lead over second place Jamestown.

The Magicians have won eight of the last ten games and lead the Midwest Division by seven-points over second-place Janesville. 

The South Division race continues to be very interesting. Even currently last place Odessa is still “in-it” and within striking distance of a playoff spot and just a good weekend under .500. 

You want a good laugh? The Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees and Texas Lawmen were forced into playing a weekend of 3 on 3 hockey after the Lawmen appeared at the rink with a total of five hockey players. RGV fans were treated to a set of very low-level shinny games and apparently enjoyed it. 

Meanwhile, up in Wichita Falls, Force fans received a nice little note from Billy D himself. Again, honesty is not one of the dummy’s strong points.

The Canadian con man opens the letter with this:
Despite rumors of the league shutting down, as you can see, we are still playing hockey and are excited about this weekend!

Really Billy? You call that travesty at RGV junior hockey?

Rumors are rumors and I wanted to assure everyone in the this wonderful city of Wichita Falls that we, The USA Central Hockey League, have no intention of stopping our season.

Is that right? Before writing this letter, Billy knew exactly how many players remained with the Lawmen yet continues to play the confidence game.

It is sad that some evil people in this world always try and wreck a good thing…these same people tried to sabotage our league by hijacking our social media and websites.

It’s really simple Billy, you should have simply paid the man what was promised instead of ignoring his emails and calls. I know, that $400 you owed him would have cut into your nightly bar tab. 

Unfortunately the people that suffer from this is our hockey players, the guys we are trying to help get to the next level.

That’s rich Billy, your negligence forced players from Wichita Falls to drive to Dallas-Ft Worth to get their skates sharpened because you refused to get the parts needed ($50?) to fix the sharpener. You also promised sticks (that finally arrived last week), meals on the road (kids had to pay for), and exposure. You did everything possible to drive the players (and coaches) away. 

There’s only one word remaining that best describes your actions regarding this league.

Fraud. It’s time to get a lawyer Billy, there are folks in South Texas that will be looking to get their money back. It’s fairly clear that you knew it was going to be impossible to deliver on the promise of a full season of hockey, yet you still took their money. 

Then there’s your coach in Wichita Falls, Jesse Davis. You two are a match made in a snake pit. This guy actually calls NAHL coaches to tell them NOT to give players an opportunity. He even badgers the kids that have left, begging them to come back. 

One player skated for an NAHL team last week and let his nerves get the best of him. We arranged for him to get yet another chance for today (after he was feeling better). So, what does that dummy do? He lets Jesse talk him into lying to an NAHL team owner (and me) before returning to Wichita Falls. That same kid made a similar move last season and decided that Dennis Canfield would be a better developmental opportunity than working with another NAHL team’s program. 

Cheers to the Johnstown Tomahawks for giving their great fans something to believe in.

Jeers to the Maritime Hockey League team that has yet to refund the $500 fee to the American player that was released after just six games (after getting injured in the first). It's been eight weeks since his release.

Cheers to Ryan Egan for his commitment to turning around the NA3HL's College Station Spirit. The talented coach takes over the Spirit this week after starting the season with Billy D's Texas Lawmen.

Jeers to Terry Christensen for allowing Billy D to continue the charade in Texas. Christensen has gone from Ontario Hockey League General Manager to orchestrating the weekend's 3 on 3 fiasco at State Farm Arena in Hildalgo. Instead of finding his players other places to play, Christensen instead continues to recruit for what has essentially become a three-team circus. 

Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with Victorious Hockey Company. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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