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What it takes to attend a Prince George Cougars WHL game Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018  
By: Clifford Hofferd

Some things to consider if you ever want to attend a Prince George Cougars WHL game at the CN Centre.
1. Ticket Price:
         The cost of a single ticket depends on where you decide to sit. The CN Centre is divided into 6 zones. Seats in the middle sections can cost as much as $28 dollars while seats on the ends can cost as much as $18 to $22 dollars. 
2. Getting there:
          The CN Centre is located off of Ospika Boulevard. It's a part of the fairgrounds for the British Columbia Northern Exhibition and is joined to three other community rinks. You can park in one of the 3 parking lots on site or arrive via the #55 bus via BC Transit.
3. Surrounding restaurants:
          There is a Domino's restaurant as well as a Shooter's Sports Pub located across from the arena. Further down the road there is a Tim Horton's restaurant beyond the Aquatic Centre to the north. Any other major restaurants in the city are not within walking distance.
4. The Arena:
          The CN Centre can fit 5,971 (with standing room) inside. Most of the time attendance is minimal with the building only reaching half capacity on some nights. On the rare occasions when the team does sell out the main concourse can get congested and difficult to navigate. 
5. Expectations:
          A Cougars home win is not guaranteed. The team was the worst in the B.C. Division last season and they are in the middle of a rebuilding process. If you do decide to attend a game then expect the visiting team to dominate. The current Cougars team can keep things close but often find themselves collapsing towards the end of the game. 
6. Getting Home:
          Alcohol is served at Cougars games so I encourage all people to not drink and drive. If you did not drive there are buses that run along Ospika that can take you to the downtown or to a transfer point to get to the University of Northern British Columbia. If you do park at the arena parking provided then you can expect to wait some time before being able to leave. The exits can get congested and it's possible to wait upwards of 20 minutes in order to leave.
7. Conclusion:
         The CN Centre is a great arena but the product on the ice leaves a lot to be desired. The arena has ample parking but is difficult to exit once a game has ended. There are restaurants nearby but there aren't many options. Plan for your trip there and plan for your ride home. Figure out what you are willing to pay and enjoy a night of hockey courtesy of the Prince George Cougars. 

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