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Published: Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017  
By: Staff,

By Jay Kouris
With a new season rapidly approaching by the day. I am very excited to be the Arizona  Hawks new head coach. I am also a proud graduate of the Arizona Hawks hockey organization.  After being traded to Arizona, I spent a great year and a half playing for the Hawks organization.   

After I was done playing I would eventually come back as an Assistant Coach for the team and was happy to give back to the team that helped me so much.  
In those years as an assistant we had an excellent run as an organization. We won a lot of games and made a nice playoff run. But things came to an end as they usually do, after three great years I stepped away from hockey and coaching.   
Now we are back for a new season.  A season that I am more excited about more than any I have been apart of.  I don't know if it was the time away from the game just itching to get back, or is it because after waiting for that head coaching opportunity, I finally am the head coach for the team I always wanted to coach and be apart of.   

I am determined to make this organization the best it can be.   

We have a wonderful staff. From management up top, to our medical staff I feel we are top notch and ready for any challenges brought upon us.   

As a team itself lots of new faces aboard and were happy to have them.  As we feel we have one of our most competitive rosters to date. We will be a hard working bunch with no nonsense approach to the game.  

We will take this very seriously as we take this organization to the next level.  I am proud to be the head coach of this hockey team and couldn't be more excited to get underway with the season. 

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