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Eels Sign Forward Anthony Sozio Junior Hockey News

Published: Thursday, 24 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

The Florida Eels Again Showcasing Its Player
Development Model with the Signing Of 2nd Year Forward Anthony Sozio
To The Eels Junior Program.

Anthony Sozio 1999 from Buffalo NY actually
started with the Eels as a Squirt player. He later played Peewee Bantam Midget
and High School Hockey for the Eels. He is a perfect example of how true player
development works. He played his entire travel hockey with the Florida Eels.
Youth program. He defines loyalty to a program. It is funny. You all know in
youth hockey, some years you are amongst the top and other years you are in the
middle or at the bottom of the standings.. For Anthony Sozio it did not matter.
Sure he wanted to win. You can see it all over his face the drive and
determination . But he never abandoned the Eels. He never jumped organizations
like so many players unfortunately do. They simply don’t get it says GM
Scarpaci ….It is all part of building a program. It shows enormous character in
this young man says GM Scarpaci. He has the love and passion for this game and
the team he plays for.. He leaves nothing on the ice.  

As a youth player Sozio was one of the top goal
scorers in the  Tier II AA Florida
League. He systematically and continuously drove hard to the net. He always
would get into the “dirty areas” so to speak. He was not a perimeter player. He
would sacrifice himself at the expense of being hit and beat up in front of the
opposing goalie’s net. Last season Anthony was a rookie in the Eels USP3 team.
It was a huge year for him  in terms of his
personal player development - as he had to make adjustments to the game. The
speed the hitting the intensity and much stronger goalies. The talent level was
nothing like he saw or experienced in youth hockey. Coach Frankie Scarpaci who
has been a champion of Sozio over the years expects this will be Anthony’s
break out year. This year Anthony  knows
what to expect and he will be destined to “deliver “ so to speak. This kid has
the ability to ignite his team. We trust he will  ripen into the goal scorer and playmaker we
know he can be. Nobody has the insatiable appetite to score like Sozio .

Coach Sears not knowing Sozio from before,
readily sees from Pre Season Camp that Sozio  has a key ingredient to the success of the team
this season.  This kid is fearless
against guys much bigger than him. He sees what GM Scarpaci echoes when he says
Sozio plays with that edge. He is a consummate competitor.

Welcome back Anthony Lets go for the goal…

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