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Hometown Fort Myers Sean Doyle Joins the Florida Eels Junior Program Junior Hockey News

Published: Saturday, 19 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Hometown Fort Myers Sean Doyle Joins the Florida Eels
Junior Program

The Eels are so excited that local hometown guy Sean Doyle
has joined the Eels Juniors. Sean has played most of his youth hockey for the
Eels youth hockey. He has been a staple in the youth program. So many people
and folks in Fort Myers Cape Coral and Estero love this kid. He will be a fan
favorite on the Eels Juniors.

 As a 6’2” 185 pound
1997 defensemen he brings great size and streghth to the program. GM Scarpaci
echoes,  Sean knows this is his year to
get ready for college. That is his goal. He is ready to lay it all on the line.
His willingness to sacrifice everything. He knows full well that is what it
takes to advance him to the next level of play. But words wont do it he said. GM
Scarpaci knows Sean better than anyone else in the program. He coached him for
many years as a Bantam and Midget. He echoed he never seen Sean as determined
as he is now. You see the fire in his eyes. And Sean has already shown us he is
willing to put in the time and effort.

Indeed, this entire Spring and Summer, Sean has been working
with Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci at World Gym 5 days per week and then an
additional 3 days per week on the ice plus 3 weeks of intense summer ice hockey
camp specifically for our Junior players.   Coach
Frankie noted, Sean has seen so many of the Eels alumni make it while he was a
youth player. He wants this for himself.

Doyle is a natural defensemen; He plays a hard nose tough
defensive style. He is extremely tough to play against. He owns the crease and
will make opponents pay dearly if they try to take his territory.  He can move the puck out of the zone as well.
Has very good mobility. He has a nice heavy shot on the blueline so his
offensive abilities will prove strong this season.

The Eels are thrilled
to have this quality of player in its ranks this season and are even more
excited being that he is a homegrown Florida Eel

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