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Florida Eels Announce the Sighing Of Highly Skilled 2000 Skilled Forward Nikita Pinimyasov from Moscow, Russia Junior Hockey News

Published: Thursday, 17 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Florida Eels Announce the Sighing Of Highly Skilled
2000 Skilled Forward  Nikita Pinimyasov from Moscow, Russia


The Florida Eels add a solid punch to their
line up with the addition of Nikita Pinimyasov to its forward arsenal. Nikita
is quite young being a 2000 but he had phenomenal development back in Russia
and is looking to further enhance his development here with the Eels. He has very
good foot speed and great maneuverability. Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci
opines, “he is a stealth shifty player who will cause havoc on opposing in the defensemen.  He has a hard and accurate shot to support
his acceleration and quick release on net.”  Coach Scarpaci also stated,  “At a young age he has a high hockey IQ. When
you combine this with his strong stickhandling abilities and willingness and
desire to score you have a recipe for success. “ In the first 3 days of
training camp he has maintained a very high tempo and has bonded very well with
all of the guys.

We can see in only a few days of Pre Season
camp, Nikita is very coachable. He wants to learn everything he can to improve
his game. He is anxious to learn the North American style of his game in much
smaller rinks. His goal is to play for a NCAA Division 1 college here in the
USA. Recognizing the Eels rich legacy in advancing over 200 players to college,
he feels he is in the right place.

Nikita is looking forward to playing in the 3
USPHL college showcases this season. He has never experienced this type of
exposure and visibility.  These showcases
offer not only the forum to showcase his skills in front of the college
recruiters, but also provide him with the experience of playing with and
against some of the top players in North America and Europe. This experience will
also speak volumes in his player development and will do him well for his

We welcome Nikita to the Eels and the USA. He
will be a very exciting player to watch here in Fort Myers. I am sure he will
be a fan favorite. 

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