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Florida Eels Signs Defensemen Jaime Moreno From Spain Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Eels Signs Defensemen Jaime Moreno From Spain

The Florida Eels new Elite coach Greg Sears
first recruit was Jaime Moreno. To say he had a long reach is the
understatement of the year being that he is from Spain. Jamie is a right hand shot,
6’0” 170 pound defensemen from Spain. Talk about a non-traditional market.  Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci commented,
despite this, he plays like he is from Quebec, Massachusetts, or Minnesota.
Nothing is foreign about Moreno’s game.

Well we all know the Eels could care less where
a player is from. We have players from all across the USA including some very non-traditional
markets such as Florida California Colorado South Carolina etc.  as well as the hockey hot beds in the north
and Northeast. We have players from Canada, Russia, and now this year Australia,
France, Turks and Cacaos and now Spain.

Coach Sears scouted Moreno last season when
Jamie played for a USA midget team in Alaska.  Coach Sears really liked his skill set and the
way he played the game; and in the many conversations he had with him Coach
Sears was convinced Moreno was a young man of high character.  Before playing in the USA Jamie played for a
club National team in Spain.

With the signing of Moreno, the Eels measurably
added strong depth to the Eels defense. In the first 3 days of training camp,
echoed GM Frank Scarpaci, my coaches readily got to see Jamie worked extremely
hard and they could see that Jamie was quite determined to make himself better
constantly. This kid is young and has the tools to become a top player in our
league commented Coach Sears. He is very coachable and you can tell how much he
loves the game. The passion exudes from every inch of ice he takes and every
play he executes concluded Coach Scarpaci.

GM Scarpaci stated, it is a real pleasure
having this young man play for us. Being that he is from Spain is even more
attractive. The Eels have players from so many countries this season but Moreno
is the 2nd player we had who came from Spain.  We look forward to seeing his personal
development as a player and a person. No doubt he and his teammates will make
this season and incredible one for the Eels organization. Welcome to the Eels. 

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