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Czech Rep.Standout Defensemen Petr Staif Signs With Florida Eels Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Czech Rep.Standout Defensemen Petr Staif Signs With Florida Eels

 General Manager Frank Scarpaci has set out on a mission this season to put together a first class program with both his Elite and Premier teams and with the signing of Petr Staif you can see the he has gone clear across the Atlantic to the help solidify this mission.  Staif is a 5’11” 175 pound extremely mobile defensemen from Czech Rep.. GM Scarpaci scouted   STAIF over the summer and loved what he saw in his skill set and work ethic. He is a machine. He keeps going a top speed and is tiredness right to the end. 


Eel’s Premier coach Frankie Scarpaci says we see from his first days at the Eels Pre Season training camp he is an excellent skater and has great stick handling and scoring abilities. He agrees the young man has a phenomenal work ethic. You can see it in his face he has the will to win. Everyttime he hits the ice he wants to get better. He already has bought into our program and he is only here a few days.



What is so phenomenal about STAIF is his age. He is a 1999. This young man shows great pose and vision on the ice thus far, and when you combine this with his untiring efforts we can say he is “legit” in the hockey sense. Petr has been skating both sessions each day and then is at World Gym for another 1-½ hours. You can tell he loves it. 


GM Scarpaci is not foreign in the garnering of imports to his Eels program. In fact he has been well know in the USPHL for his successes in bringing over dozens of Canadians, Russians, Swedish, Latvian, German and English players but it has been 5 years since we had a player from the Czech Rep.. We are so glad he joined us concludes Coach Scarpaci. He will be a major continuator to the Eels blueline this season. 

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