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Eels Player Development At Work as It Signs Rookie Defensemen CJ Mills From Its Own Midget Program. Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci


The Florida Eels are pleased to announce that CJ Mills has
signed with the Florida  Eels program for
the 2017-18 season. CJ played for the Eels youth program for the last 5-6
seasons. He originally moved here from Michigan. CJ last season played on the
Southwest Florida High School Program and joined the Eels junior program as a
practice player. He worked very hard last season and over the summer to be able
to crack a tough Eels lineup this year.

Mills is now well over 6 feet tall and in good shape. CJ has
played defense his entire career as a hockey player. As a youth player,
comments Assistant Coach Joey Giambalvo, who was his previous bantam and midget
head coach, CJ was always very steady and reliable. He keeps things simple and
does not take unnecessary risk. That is what makes him so attractive as a
junior player. At the Juniors the game is so much faster, the speed of the
players, puck and the over all game is enhanced 5 fold so when you have a
player who is reliable as CJ it is a coaches dream. He has good skill set and
will undeniably add depth to the Eels junior program.

GM Scarpaci says CJ is a extremely smart young man as well
boasting over 4.3 GPA. Now we all know that opens a plethora of doors in
college admissions. Now it is up to CJ how far he wants to take his college
hockey opportunity. This young man has enormous work ethic. He worked 55 hours
per week over the summer while also training in the gym to make himself ready
for the junior season. I know he will bring this same dedication and
determination to our program this season says Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci.
We are glad to see one of our own being part of our Eels Junior program. 

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