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Energy Guy - Mason DeMeyere Re-Signs With The Florida Eels Juniors Junior Hockey News

Published: Sunday, 13 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Last season rookie, Mason DeMeyere, has been fueling his
development over the entire Spring and Summer working tirelessly with Premier Coach
Frankie Scarpaci. He hardly took a few weeks off at the end of last year’s
playoffs and he was right back at it. He was on the ice with special training
with the junior coaches and in the gym and off – ice conditioning 5 days peer
week. Coach Frankie commented on how hard Mason had been working. He joined a
number of veteran players with every intent to get the training necessary to
elevate his game.  He was taking
ownership to his personal development.

 Mason DeMeyere has seen first hand so
many of the Eels alumni have advanced on to college. He set his goals to do
just that. But most importantly Mason DeMeyere realized that having a
goal and a mission is not enough. He had to execute a plan and - what
better architect in diagraming that step is coach Frankie. Mason was religious
in his efforts. Be it at 6:00 am ice or 8 am off ice conditioning or late
evening at World Gym. You can see it all over his eyes. The determination and
dedication he put into it.

Mason also demonstrated his maturity in helping the new guys
who joined us early in the “Pre-Pre-Season” training. As GM I am so thrilled
that Mason has made has stepped up to the plate. He is our future. When he is
on the ice he always mixes things up. First on the puck, battles extremely hard
along the boards, and is relentless in his fore-check and back checking.  At 5’10” he plays like he is 6”3” He never
quits. He is one of the hungriest players on the ice. Mason has the will to win
and that is the quality of player we want. Another key ingredient here is his
character. He comes from a great supportive family that supports him 100% and
impressively does not take that for granted.

All these qualities are empathically what we look for in our
program says GM Scarpaci. We are thrilled to have him back…..

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