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An Extremely Determined 2nd Year Man - Corey Altieri Signs Back With The Eels Junior Hockey News

Published: Sunday, 13 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Corey joined the Eels last season after
playing one year with the Eels Midget team. He is a native of Buffalo New York
where he got his “seasoning” in travel hockey. Assistant Coach Joey Giambalvo
was his head coach while Corey played midgets for the Eels. Joey echoed how “determined
Corey was. He had good skills and probably our most talented midget on that

He has a knack for driving to the net
and shooting. You can see his appetite to score by the willingness to do what
ever it took to get to the net. Coach Giambalvo was very high on bringing Corey
up to the Juniors last year to get him the high level of training and
experience he would need to get to the “Next Level” Corey joined Coach Frankie
Scarpaci at the USPHL Spring Showcase last year and then joined GM Scarpaci at
the Pro AM Sr. Chowder Cup. These forums and last season’s experience is what
ignited the fire in Corey Altieri’s heart.

He told GM Scarpaci he was ready to
make an even more commitment this season. He set out on a path this past Spring
and Summer to put his mission and goals into play. He attended all of Coach
Scarpaci’s training sessions and hockey camps. He spent the time in the gym
when others may have taken time off. This work ethic is not something you start
it is engrained in your upbringing. You either have it or you don’t. Coach
Scarpaci commented “ever see some guys just give you that much more….give you
everything and then some…..We see it in players all the time….Hard work beats
talent all day long”

Keep in mind Corey did all this while
maintaining an extremely high GPA. He is amongst the top in his class and for
pursuing his goals of playing NCAA college hockey that is a must. Some kids
fail to realize the operative word in College Hockey is COLLEGE echoes GM
Scarpaci. Corey knows and relishes this. He comers from a family of very good
hockey players – his brothers who played in New York. But academics were
paramount for them and his supportive parents.

We expect this to be   Altieri’s break out year on the ice. We saw
what he could as a midget in putting the puck in the net and we trust his
insatiable  appetite and ability to score
will ripen now that he has one year of juniors under his proverbial belt. Welcome
back Corey


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