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The Florida Eels Embark on An Unprecedented 28-Day Pre Season Training Camp Starts August 14th at the Fort Myers Skatium Junior Hockey News

Published: Thursday, 10 Aug 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci


This season the Eels will be hosting a 28-day pre season training
camp for its Premier and Elite players. In years past the Eels had set the
benchmark with an envious 21-day Pre Season session. But GM Frank Scarpaci has
raised the bar this year as he wants to get his players and teams “November
ready” when the season starts. Twenty-Eight days is what you would find at the
Tier I and Tier II level. Frankie Scarpaci Eels Premier coach is a firm
believer in training. He wanted to ensure that his players are receiving  rich quality time to develop and enhance their
skill set. He notes, “All to often in Junior hockey teams have very limited time
to prepare their players for the season. With 28 days we can afford to spend
significant time working on the little things that make the difference.”

For the first 2 weeks the players will have up to 3+ hours of ice
each day to accomplish these ends. Additionally the players will be doing
hockey specific strength and conditioning training at their world-class
facility - World Gym. The team will also be conducting a number of scrimmages
to help set the teams amongst its players. In fact, 15 of the Eels players have
already been training over the Spring and Summer as a “Pre Pre Season”
session.  It is incredible the commitment
and determination be echoed and presented by his junior players comments Coach

GM Scarpaci notes that our recruits include top players from many
outstanding midget programs as well as many veterans from across the USA Canada
and Europe who are looking to take advantage of the Eels very successful
placement of its players into college. We have several players from Canada Europe
and as far west as Australia. Moreover, this year we have 7 players who came
from very prestigious prep schools and academies. Indeed, we are very excited
about the upcoming season and  can’t wait  for all of them to arrive.  

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