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Published: Monday, 10 Jul 2017  
By: Stephen Heisler,

Weekends are made for family. A medical setback forced the cancellation of our second consecutive trip to Las Vegas (was supposed to set out on Saturday morning) but did manage to make it to Friday’s wedding and church on Sunday.

Church is always good when seeking forgiveness for what’s been done but I should of asked for some advance coverage for what I’m about to do.


Google spent so much time translating the title of Friday’s article, Reina de Chismes, that I think it got listed as a trend.

Meanwhile, the subject of that article was asked on numerous occasions if he was indeed our young coach. True to form, the liar lied again.

After giving the former goalie ample opportunity (24 hours) to take corrective action, I sent this text message:

You need to call EVERY coach you told that BS to and apologize. Not doing so guarantees my next move. Also, when asked about article, don't deny it. More lies atop lies only further demonstrate your complete lack of maturity. Fix your Facebook page too, it's embarrassing to say you are a head coach and have all that vileness open for all to see. Also, when you grow up, call and apologize to my wife and family, your lies hurt us.

So what does the young coach do? Nothing. Luke Hernandez is the 25 year-old Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations for advertising partner Arizona Hawks. Well, for now he is anyway.

I’m not the first person little Luke has tried to get the best of. Hernandez took over as head coach mid-season last year after a run-in with the former coach.

“Luke took over when I left the Hawks,” former Arizona Head Coach Andy Tufto said on Sunday. “I don't know what happened after I left other than the fact that he turned downed countless offers of help from several proven coaches and went his own way.”

“The one downside was that Luke never stopped chewing tobacco even after he was asked too,” Tufto said of his former assistant. “He would ask the players to share their chew with him, not a good thing to do as a role model.”

“Lastly, it is people like Luke who make you not want to trust anyone, isn't an assistant coach supposed to have the heads coaches back,” Tuftco concluded. “Not stab them in the back?”

You see, it takes character to be successful in the Western States Hockey League, and it’s obvious to all this kid not only lacks that character, but is in need of a boatload of maturity as well.

Young Luke and I have a dozen common friends. Maybe next time the kid elects to start fires, he’ll consult with his buddies beforehand.

I did get some explanation as to just WHY little Hernandez might stoop to new lows in an effort to gain some credibility with the other coaches in the league. You see, the word is that the Hawks put the pressure on for him to get a minimum of five players signed in Las Vegas or risk losing his job.

I wonder just how many players are signed to Hawks agreements as of today. The last number I heard was eight. Hey Greg, maybe it’s time to bring Robert Powell back; this kid is not going to cut it.


Needless to say, I was laughing my backside off when the press release from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League hit the in box.

The Superior Court of the Province of Quebec ruled against Glenn Dumbley and CHLPA in respect to the defamation case presented by the QMJHL.

The same dummy that tried to extort money from us after running some of his self-promotion submitted content, which we had to delete, got his backside handed to him in court.

Obviously not playing a full deck, and a now much lighter wallet, the self-appointed head of the CHLPA came at me for some more attention over the weekend. He posted some remarks on our forum in an obvious effort to regain credibility.

Sorry Dumbley, no amount of butt-kissing is going to clean up your well-soiled name and underwear. You might consider that other website for future endeavors.  

Well, that was fun, let’s do it again tomorrow!

Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working as a consultant with individual teams, coaches, and players with the Heisler Hockey Group. When not on the road, Stephen and his family spend most of their time at home in Orlando, Florida.

Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with the Heisler Group. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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