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Eels Strike It High With The Signing of its Remi Veilleux Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 29 May 2017  
By: Frank Scarpaci

 The Eels welcome veteran Defenseman Remi Veilleux. He has very good
size at 6’2” 180 pounds. He comes from Gatineau, QC, and CAN. This past season
he played for the prestigious Bridgton Academy in Maine.  Previously he
played for a premier development program Ontario Hockey Academy where last year’s
Eels top rookie forward NIKITA LOPATIN played for 3 seasons.


Remi is the second player this season that came out of Bridgton
Academy. Bridgton is the same prep school where Eels top forward JEAN-SIMON ROBIDOUX played. The Eels have had very good
luck with these young men last season so it is no surprise that this year our
recruiting efforts have targeted these quality programs as fertile areas for
strong skilled players who have high character traits as well.


Remi no doubt fits this mold.  Remi is another
product of HPA Sports Management under the guidance of Dan
D’Astoli, Executive Director and Senior Advisor of HPA Sports Management Group.


General Manager Frank Scarpaci scouted Remi several weeks
ago at the HPA Junior Hockey Combine in Fort Wayne Indiana. General Manager
Frank Scarpaci travels across the USA in search for players and attends no less
than 10 showcases.  This Combine was no doubt one of the most impressive
showcases he has seen in years. The players were truly high-end guys. They were
grounded and had a strong appreciation of where they were going. This no doubt
is a tribute to the guidance of Dan D’Astoli
and his professional advising staff. There were so many extremely talented
junior hockey prospects at this one venue.  HPA sets a high bar for their
players to meet and this is precisely in line with what the Eels staff is
looking for. This standard is the pinnacle of what HPA Sports Management
delivers to its scouts and players.


GM Scarpaci comments that after watching Remi Veilleux he
saw he had a player with a high compete level. This young man did not simply go
through the motions. “He got it so to speak.” He knew that the purpose of him
attending the combine was to showcase his wares and skill set and that is
exactly what he did.  He was often paired up with Eels new Premier
Committed Defensemen Jean-Philippe Montmarquette . Wow imagined GM Scarpaci,
these two young men were the top two defenseman at the Combine. He was very
excited at the prospect of having both join his Premier team.



Remi had a very strong skill set and hockey intelligence.
 His veteran background shows here and with the Eels training 3 hours each
day you can only imagine where he will be in a year.


At the Combine, he made smart first outlet passes in the defensive
zone and that is key for college coaches. He won the key battles in front of
his goalies denying scoring opportunities and boxed out the zone. 
 He had excellent gap control. He had good control on the offensive blue
line and used his size and strength to get pucks to the net. His shot is very
hard and accurate and reaches the net. He plays a lot like Veteran Eels
defenseman Brian Kozak.


There is no doubt that Remi will be a strong addition to the Eels
Premier team’s solid veteran Defensive core of Nick Diaz, Brian Kozak and Blake
Hoffman and with the addition of new defensemen Jean-Philippe Montmarquette the
Eels may have the top defensive core in the league. 

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