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Florida Eels Junior Alumni Play for UF Gators vs FGCU Junior Hockey News

Published: Saturday, 22 Oct 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Coach and GM Frank Scarpaci was especially proud seeing Bryan Miller having laced up those skates and playing college hockey. Bryan played for his Eels as a youth hockey player as a bantam and 2 years as a midget and then 2 years as a junior player. He is a prime example of “player development” for the Florida Eels. Last season for the Florida Eels Juniors he was one of the league leaders in scoring for the USP3 division and was definitely one of the team’s leaders not just as an assistant captain but also in all respects on and off the ice.

Bryan is a high character young man. He is an extremely intelligent young man with very high grades in high school - boasting all AP and Honors classes - while also scoring off the charts on the SAT entrance exams.  He had a plethora of offers to some of the top universities in the USA including UNH and NYU. Despite so many Northern college offers, he elected to seize the opportunity at the University of Florida. He is a Pre-Med student and academics had to trump NCAA hockey options. The demands of Pre-Med is overwhelming and being a prudent young man he recognized he could study at UF, which is one of the top academic schools in the USA, and continue to have fun and enjoy playing hockey at a nice competitive level. The ultimate “Having Your Cake and Eating It Too.” 

Coach Frankie echoed,” Boy it was great seeing him again on the ice. He is so smart as a player. Fast and skilled with so much hockey sense.”  My god was Germain packed as well. At the announcing of the line up you could hear the Eels fans scream and cheer louder than anyone at the arena. His parents Alan Miller and Lisa Miller and his sister Lauren were beaming proud as they could be. This is what it is all about. GM Frank Scarpaci states, “This is what the Eels do. We use our Junior program as vehicles to develop and advance players to college. It made me once again proud to have had a small part in helping Bryan Miller reach and realize his goals and dreams – of not only playing college but to reach a college as prestigious as UF.” Bryan was one of 25 players who advanced to college from the Eels last season.

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