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Detroit Fighting Irish' Cruz Jack of all Trades Junior Hockey News

Published: Thursday, 20 Oct 2016  
By: Fighting Irish Staff

Detroit Fighting Irish forward Tristan Cruz, is known around the Irish camp as a jock of all trades wearing many hats, OFF ICE he is the team carpenter, designer & engineer, constantly making cosmetic improvements to the team’s locker room while on ice he has built a reputation as tenacious fore-checker in all zones of the ice and a must player for the Irish Line up.  Cruz a 97 forward who is now playing his 4th season as a Junior has become the player that is a force in every situation.  Irish head coach Dan Vasquez during a recent conversation was very quick to acknowledge the play of Cruz stating that he is the type of player that no matter what line combination that you place him that combination of players seems to produce offensively and defensively as a unit. In the hockey world no matter what level that is the ultimate compliment for any player or players whom have had the privilege to play the game. During the 2015-2016 season Cruz was the 3rd wheel on the Irish explosive top line which included Dakota Potter and Nolan Jakzrewski the three combined for 100 + goals last season. Both players were very quick to praise their teammate for his tireless work and being able to get them the puck. 
Now a seasoned veteran Tristan a 1997 Birthdate is a Sophomore engineering major at Lawrence Technology continues to hone his skills on the ice but has now added a new hat to the rack. Team Captain. The new responsibility seems to be a very good fit for Cruz and for his team. He continues to maintain a high level of play which has gained the respect of all of his teammates, and coaching staff.  Cruz by his own admission is not the vocal Rah Rah guy but he speaks loudly through his energy and the determination he brings to the arena every day.  The Irish slow start to the USPHL season has created a new challenge to Cruz as part of the team leadership and that nowe part of his responsibility to keep his teammates focused on playing a full 60 minutes and to buy into the team’s philosophy of playing at a high tempo and puck control hockey. This experience is not a new one to Cruz and some of the team’s veterans that experienced a similar start last season and then caught fire going in the 2nd half of the season with an impressive 24-4 record in the 2nd half of the season.  One thing for sure is that with Tristan Cruz in the Irish line up you can expect that hard work and passion will not be an issue. 
The Detroit Fighting Irish return to the Brownstown Sports Center this weekend to face off against the for a 2 game set against the Forest Lake Minnesota Lakers. Game time will be 7:30 pm On Saturday Evening and 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon. You can purchase tickets at the arena , Group tickets are available by contacting the team by email at or visit the teams website at www.

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