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Florida Eels Weekend Ice Cap: Eels Come Back With Huge Win Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Florida Eels Elite Team spits Weekend home Series With Atlanta Knights

It what could be called a good old fashion high scoring coral type of weekend games for the Eels vs. the Atlanta Knights. On Saturday the Knights best the Eels 7-4. The Knights took advantage of the Eels penalties scoring 5 power play goals. That was the tell tale story here that night.  The Knights seized the opportunities presented by the Eels. The Eels managed to score 4 but it was not enough to keep pace with a very potent power play of the Knights.
For the Eels was
#29 Nikita Lopatin (power play) (#22 Jace Lis D'Alessandro, #40 Nolan Greene)
#13 Jean-Simon Robidoux (power play) (#20 Sven Nilsson)
#9 Clayton Boyd (penalty shot goal)
#13 Jean-Simon Robidoux (power play) (#9 Clayton Boyd, #29 Nikita Lopatin)

On Sunday Coach Frankie Scarpaci had his team a lot more disciplined  The Eels returned to their form and pounded 72 shots on Atlanta scoring 7 goals and allowing 4 on 54 shots. You saw a much more aggressive Eels fore-check and the back check was much more intense. 

Scoring for the Eels was 
#54 Jordan Court (even strength) (#9 Clayton Boyd, #79 Richard Allgood)
97 Caden Tchop (even strength) (#19 Michael Gennello, #10 Brian Kozek)
#54 Jordan Court (even strength) (#79 Richard Allgood
#55 Blake Hoffman (even strength) (#7 David Stonebraker, #54 Jordan Court)
#54 Jordan Court (even strength) (#9 Clayton Boyd)
#19 Michael Gennello (even strength) (#29 Nikita Lopatin, #22 Jace Lis D'Alessandro)
#16 Zac Boyle (even strength) (#9 Clayton Boyd, #54 Jordan Court)

Highlights Jordan Court Team Captain had a hat trick and 2 assist for a 5-point night.
Rookie Defenseman Richard Allgood assisted on 2 and Clayton Boyd notched 2 assist in this game.

Goalie Trey Kovalick turned away 50 of 54 shots for a huge win for the Eels

The USP3 team had a tough weekend vs. a much older Atlanta team that was predominately 1996, 1997 and 1998 players- 12 to be exact. So you could say this was a seasoning type game. The boys faced ostensibly an Elite level team in age and talent. But our guys never quit. We were out scored 6-0 in game 1 and 6-2 in game two. This is the type of game where the boys go to school if you will. They are leaning to adapt against these older teams and what they need to do to move their game into the next gear to over come this opposition. Uniformly in the locker room the boys saw that despite their age and experience Atlanta could be beat. The boys have some work to do as all teams and players do. But the fire and spirit in the Eels USP3 team never flickers. These young guns have heart and are extremely determined. 

#49 Ethan Gill (even strength) (#90 Dylan Robello, #47 Will Carey)
#88 Kellen Crowther (even strength) (#52 Dimitriy Minakov, #28 Andrii Rusakov)

The coaching staff gave the USP3 team a double ice session on Monday to work on strictly D-Zone coverage and how to over come certain obstacles. Coach Joey and I are very proud of our players. They never quit and that shows the will to win. With that fortitude we will charter these guys on the right course.

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