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Florida Eels sign rookie defenseman Jace Lis D'Alessandro from Montreal Quebec Junior Hockey News

Published: Saturday, 15 Oct 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Florida Eels sign rookie defenseman Jace Lis D'Alessandro from Montreal Quebec. Jace played midget AAA in Canada. He is a very gifted player with a strong skill set. Extremely smart player who has  explosive speed and able to turn the tide in the game by his ability to turn the play back up ice in his transition game. He is the new generation of defenseman making enormous headway in the juniors and the NHL says Elite Coach Frankie Scarpaci. “In today’s game we are looking for the defenseman who has the ability to read and react to shift a defensive play and transition to offense. We witnessed this so well in last year’s Stanley Cup winner the Pittsburgh Penguins who was able to get the puck out of the D-Zone in 10-12 seconds. Jace brings this ability to our Elite team.”

Jace is a strong two way defenseman who plays very well in all three zones. He is a competitor who battles so well in front of his own net along the boards and can be deadly on the offensive blueline.

It is remarkable as he is only a 1998. He is great in the locker room.  A high character individual which is the hallmark of our program. He brings depth to the Eels squad and will no doubt help us in the weeks and months ahead of us says GM Scarpaci who was instrumental in bringing him here. We welcome him to our Eels family.

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