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Florida Eels Double Header With Palm Beach This Weekend Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

This weekend will be Palm Beach Hawks open their season at the Fort Myers Skatium against the Florida Eels USP3 team at 3:20 pm and the Elite team at 8:50 pm. This will be a huge weekend for their coaching staff as it is their debut after taking over the helm from Coach Tim who ran the program for 5+ years. 

The Eels Elite team had a split decision last week, winning their first game over Tampa 6-1 but got stalled in game two with a 4-3 loss despite out shooting Tampa 58-22. We were happy with scoring 9 goals remarked Elite coach Frankie Scarpaci but was not thrilled with us giving up 5 over the weekend, 4 in one game.  Our defense and defensive system is pretty good and we simply wont allow that to happen again.

We also showed we have some offensive weapons with a 6-goal game and then unleashing 58 shots in game two. We need to execute those shots. There is no doubt in coach Scarpaci’s mind that he will see a much concerted scoring out of his players in the future.

The Eels won't take Palm Beach lightly or for granted. Notwithstanding the coaching changes, Palm Beach is a tough organization and the new coach is a respected guy. He knows his hockey says GM Scarpaci and we can expect a hard fought competitive battle this Saturday night.

The Eels USP3 had faced “Baptism by Fire” so to speak with 13 rookies as they played a home and away series vs. the Jr. Blades.  The scores 5-0 and 4-1 did not reflect the fortitude hustle determination and character of the Eels in those two games. The guys never quit.. From the drop of the puck they were in the Jr. Blades’ face with an aggressive forecheck and a relentless back check. The Eels hit every Blade player who had the puck.  Our guys were much younger and no doubt gaveup about 6-9 inches in height but you would never know it. More  Blade players hit the ice than Eels. The Eels caused Blades to loose the puck with their  forcing turnovers. 

Sure the game were scored a loss but the Eels coaches had an altogether different scorecard. In the first game the score at the end of the first period was 1-0. At the end of the 2nd period it was 2-0. In game two the Eels played them even harder. 

You cannot measure heart. If you could the yardstick would have out ruled the result in the final score. The boys’ development is key here and these are all training games. The experience here for our guys speaks volumes in their player development. We saw the attitude in the locker-room in the games. That continued throughout this week and on the practice ice, in the gym and in reviewing game prep. The Eels USP3 guys are just as hungry and determined as the Elite. 

The Eels USP3 team will not take the Palm Beach Hawks team for granted either.  The coaches emphasize don’t get your highs to high and your lows too low. Control your emotions. We know year in and year out the Hawks have a very strong team built on some of the local guys from Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale. They are very good players who are as eager and anxious to garner a win as the Eels USP3.  But the Eels determination work ethic and training has always proved to much for Palm Beach. This is a new season so let the games begin.

So folks please join us in this double header of hockey Saturday at the Ft Myers Skatium

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