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The Florida Eels Elite and USP3 Junior Teams Head To Mass Junior Hockey News

Published: Sunday, 11 Sep 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

The FLORIDA EELS Elite and USP3 team will be heading to Massachusetts   for the Inaugural USPHL Southern Showcase at the New England Sports Center from September 20-22, 2016. The event will feature top teams from the Southern division’s Elite and USP3 levels.

The League announced: “The USPHL Showcase Series allows for players to be seen multiple times in one weekend by a battery of scouts with all games happening under one roof. The slate of multiple games in three days provides a clear picture of not just a player’s skill on the ice, but also his conditioning. Also, due to the central location, players from teams outside the area are guaranteed ample time to recover from both the games and the travel to the rink.”

The Southern Showcase will feature a slate of games involving teams from the Southern Division of both the Elite and USP3 Divisions. From the Elite Division, the Atlanta Jr. Knights, Carolina Eagles, Charlotte Rush, Florida Eels, Hampton Roads Whalers, Palm Beach Hawks, Potomac Patriots, Richmond Generals, and Tampa Bay Juniors will make the trip. The Bay State Breakers and Junior Bruins will also be on hand for selected games.

The Eels schedules are as follows:
E023 Tue Sep 20 - Richmond Generals New England Sports Center Rink 1 10:30 AM EDT
E034 Wed Sep 21 - Potomac Patriots New England Sports Center Rink 3 4:10 PM EDT
E040 Thu Sep 22 - Carolina Eagles New England Sports Center Rink 3 11:10 AM EDT
E041 Thu Sep 22 - Charlotte Rush New England Sports Center Rink 1 4:50 PM EDT

U027 Tue Sep 20 - Carolina Eagles New England Sports Center Rink 1 12:20 PM EDT
U032 Wed Sep 21 - Junior Bruins New England Sports Center Rink 2 12:20 PM EDT
U038 Thu Sep 22 - Richmond Generals New England Sports Center Rink 3 9:20 AM EDT
U042 Thu Sep 22 - Springfield Pics New England Sports Center Rink 4 4:00 PM EDT

In the USPHL Press Release it stated:
“There is no question that the USPHL Showcase Series has greatly contributed to the success of our member organizations,” stated USPHL Director of Hockey Operations Leigh Dean. “The players are always ready to go at each event and the number of scouts at the rink on any given day speaks for itself.” 

Frank Scarpaci as GM of the Eels I concurs whole heartedly with the league as they stated “The USPHL Southern Showcase will also represent a great opportunity for scouts to see some of the top players in the Elite and USP3 Divisions. As NCAA hockey is a highly regionalized sport with most teams located in the Northeast and Midwest, the Southern Showcase allows the scouts to watch teams from a faraway locale in their own back yard. Furthermore, per NCAA rules, a showcase counts as only one of seven allowable viewings of a prospective student athlete in a season, regardless of how many games the scout has watched. Additionally, the Southern Showcase is timed to ensure the attendance of scouts. With multiple games happening at every rink during the weekend, a scout has an overabundance of options when it comes to finding players. While this may seem advantageous, it means a raft of great players will get overlooked. By hosting the games during the week, the teams are guaranteed to enjoy the undivided attention of collegiate and professional scouts. Of all the advantages of the USPHL Showcase Series, the access for scouts is undoubtedly the most important,” commented USPHL Commissioner Jeff Nygaard. “The USPHL planned the Southern Showcase to take advantage of the relative downtime in the scouts’ schedules to give the players from our Southern teams the recognition they deserve.”

The showcase is obligatory for all Elite teams in the South. But the Eels management have elected to bring their USP3 team as well as it places our entire junior program in the radar of the college coaches. This type of visibility and exposure is precisely the reason why players decide to play junior hockey. These boys should have the same opportunities as the Elite and Premier players echoes GM Scarpaci. We have determined it is a worthwhile investment in the future of our players. It comes at a pretty penny with transportation hotels and food for 22+ extra  players but one we are willing to provide. The net result is proven in the end. We systematically and continuously advance 20+ players per season to college. The same percentages apply to both our Elite and USP3 guys. This separates the Eels from so many others echoes Elite coach Frankie Scarpaci.

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