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Florida Eels Partner Once Again With Hooters Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 7 Sep 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

Once again the Hooters partners with the Florida Eels Junior Program. The Eels are deeply ingrained in the Southwest Florida community and so isn’t Hooters. The Eels and Hooters have quite a bit in common. Being involved in the community is their true common alignment. Hooters is well known for putting their community first. Indeed, this is very much shared by the Florida Eels Juniors. Whenever the call for civic duty is there the Eels have answered strongly. They were the leaders in the help to Feed the Hungry last year raising food to feed over 100 families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. The Eels led the clothing drive to clothe over 100 young children in a local shelter. The Eels charitable endeavors to help with families stricken with cancer has been well known over the past decade. 

Hooters see the efforts of the Eels junior guys. That is why the Florida Eels Junior teams have such a strong attendance at games. In fact the Eels average 300-500 fans and that is very impressive in the USPHL market.  More impressively is that the Eels fans travel many times to away games. Well over 150 fans go to games in Palm Beach, Tampa and they have been known to travel up to Hampton, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta. 

This week Hooters kicked off the partnership and with the Eels for the 2016-17 season as the players took the time to bond at the local restaurants. 

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