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Florida Eels Head to New England For their First of Five Showcases Junior Hockey News

Published: Friday, 2 Sep 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

In just a few weeks the Florida Eels will be heading up New England to compete in the First Annual Mid Week USPHL Fall College Showcase. This showcase will consist mainly of Southern Conference Elite and USP3 teams. It is a Southern Conference Showcase in a Massachusetts Venue. This has never been done before. Additionally, another unique feature of this showcase is that it is a Mid- week college showcase. The novel idea was spirited by capturing an early attempt to garner the New England NCAA College coaches in their own back yard so to speak and see our Southern Conference players before the coaches kick off their own regular season.

The Showcase will start Tuesday and run through Thursday September 20th – 22nd. The showcase will be hosted at the New England Sports Center primarily mid-day

The Eels will be sending both their Elite and USP3 teams to compete and be showcased at this event. This is a huge opportunity for our players to get exposure and visibility in front of the New England College coaches. The Eels will get a rich and golden opportunity to showcase their talents in a small and focused environment.  

This is one of five showcases the Florida Eels Elite and USP3 teams will compete in this season. Most  teams only attend 1 to 3 in-season showcases. Five events is a huge endeavor for any program. It comes with a huge coast but GM Scarpaci echoes he is willing to make the investment. Moving and advancing our players on to college is the very reason why players play junior hockey. If you are not playing at a college showcase a player wont be seen by the college scout. If you are not seen it stands to reason you wont be scouted. If you are not scouted then your chances of being recruited are diminished. The key here again is visibility. The Eels are known for this approach. It is called total immersion. We look forward to these showcases for our players.

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