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Florida Eels Preparing For New Season Junior Hockey News

Published: Friday, 26 Aug 2016  
By: Frank Scarpaci

The Florida Eels have been one of the most successful junior programs in the USA. It has a number of key ingredients that have made up its success not the least of which has been the balance it systematically and continuously places in a the make up of returning veteran players, bringing in some additional veteran players and high level rookies. This season will be no different.  
Returning this year from last season’s premier level Elite team are 4th year veterans Clayton Boyd, (F) 1996, Brandon Hotaling (D) Jordan Court (F) and Zachary Boyle (F). Also returning to the Eels are   Elite level veterans from its USP3 team are last year’s stalwart net minders  Nolan Greene (G) 1996 and  Nick Kotz (G) 1997.  Then there is Rajhan Munnings (F) 1997 Alec Parr (D) 1997 Brian Kozek (D) 1997 Kellen Crowther (F) 1997 Hunter Matthews (F) 1999 AJ Giordano (F) 1997 and Gavin Medina (F) 1999. That is 13 experienced Eels. Guys who have been through our system and know what to expect.

 As General Manager I am not one for sitting on my laurels says Frank Scarpaci.  Me and my coaching and scouting staff were extremely busy this past Spring and Summer having attended 10+ Showcases across North America as did my scouts in Russia and Sweden. I am very pleased to report that I brought in 16 very skilled veteran players to join his existing Eels veteran players. These are all very gifted players who are impact players. That is 29 very experienced highly skilled young men to start the season. Then I will be introducing 12 new rookies to my program. But these young men are far from being inexperienced. Many of these players come from top U18 U16 Tier I AAA programs and top high school teams from across the USA.

Our 21 day Training Camp started last week. Being this early at training camp we are very excited about the two teams. The Florida Eels started their main camp August 21st and will go for 21 days to prepare their players for the upcoming 2016-17 season. As written in the last article none;mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none">Most teams have 1 week or 2 at best for pre season training. This is a major difference in the Eels training format. GM Scarpaci says we stand alone in this concept. We firmly believe it gives our players an opportunity to get into shape after a long summer. Players need time to get accumulated to Junior hockey. We don’t want to rush things. That is how players get hurt and the injuries often can be long term and nag all season.
The 21-day period allows us to do team building. This is a concept that has gotten quite a bit of attention lately in many articles and magazines. “    to be the best. This requires putting in the time on the ice, training in the gym each day and developing the right mental game that includes hockey intelligence. 

The Eels coaches are extremely excited about the  blending of our new and returning players  in our program. They   are very exciting to watch. They are very fast and play a very high tempo game in the traditional Eels fashion. With the 21-day training camp we will have the time to fit them into our systems. We expect 1/6 dozen additional players in the up coming week as well. At the recruiting sessions GM Scarpaci and his scouting staff planted many seeds. Some  of our prospects  are still at NAHL and BCHL and MHL camps. We expect to have them join us quite soon. They are good enough to make those teams no doubt. But as we all know the NAHL and BCHL teams have 30+ players extra guys at their final camps and there is no way for all the players to capture a spot. These guys are looking for what the Eels offer. Five Showcases, 600 hours of training, and the college advancement that comes from the Eels program.

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