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Unplugged:Beer Wars Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 25 Apr 2016  
By: Christian Poulsen

Well I feel compelled to comment on today's NPHL Dish with 1st and 2nd hand knowledge and experience with the Eugene Generals all be it the 2008/2009, 2009/2010 seasons.

The Generals under then head Coach Jay Miller and GM Flint Doungchak is where "we" (as a Hockey Family) 1st made the the transition (actually a choice and a hard one at that) from Youth AAA to Juniors and really learned the difference between them and how a professionally owned and operated U20 Junior franchise was run for the Players.

To this day, whether the Generals and other teams in the T3 (P2P) NorPac then were modeled after other teams and/or leagues such as the NAHL or not, is we learned and I scale all other Junior team/league thangs' such as a 1st rate Billet system, ice time (practice at a professional level), travel and food, off ice "dryland", weight training, team doctor, (even chiropractic and massages were available!)  equipment mgt., community service/interaction, team building, school oversight (even study groups!), curfews, Hockey/"person" development, and with representation and movement of players that would rival family advisers...and other "stuff". the then cost of $6000 a season, "we" got our $ worth (don't ya' thinks!?) add; Maybe the NPHL's lack of  "spin" and advertising led to these recent years of scrambling to have enough teams and/or players to ice?

... I also can't help but to think about those teams that left to "reform" the America West for a season or 2 then to the NA3HL and/or some the WSHL  

...that is all* (Hey! I heard that!)

*= Decoder rings on?...I'm wondering if'n the Molsen/Miller/Coors merger with Anheuser Bush with all under that Belgian/Brazilian monster will happen?

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