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Evolution of the USHL Junior Hockey News

Published: Thursday, 10 Mar 2016  
By: Grace Breseman

Since becoming a Tier 1 junior league in 2002, the USHL has only continued to grow. It really took flight in the last five years with USA Hockey paving the way for success of this league. The story of this league is obviously nowhere near over as it continues to grow every day. The northern states are no longer the dominant contributor of hockey talent, these days we’re seeing more and more great players coming out of states such as Florida and Arizona.

This is mainly because of the development that USA Hockey has done in order to not only draw more players into the game at a young age but to create a more competitive and skilled atmosphere for junior leagues. The last few years have shown just how important college hockey can be to a player’s career. Not all players can get to a D1 school by just playing for their high school. Most of the time they needs an extra edge, or more skills training in order to get to this level of competition. That’s where the USHL comes in.

The USHL is designed to give players an atmosphere that helps them grow on and off the ice. It’s designed to be more effective and competitive than the high school leagues, which allows players to be more ready for playing the next level up. This added edge is something that college scouts look for and now they are looking more to the USHL than ever before.

This league is now the top junior league in the world for draft picks and has seen so much fresh talent that the prospects game had the highest attendance ever, almost selling out the arena where they played. With this year’s draft coming up, I’m sure we’ll see even more players coming out of the USHL. This story will certainly continue to evolve as the league becomes a staple in helping players on their path to the pros. 

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