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NPHL Weekend Preview: Saturday, February 27th Inbox x Junior Hockey News

Published: Sunday, 28 Feb 2016  
By: Garrett J Fabris

Kent, WA – During last night’s game, the Tri-City Outlaws were able to skate away with a home victory over the Seattle Ravens. Today, this series traveled to Kent, Washington, for the final game. To start tonight’s action, the Outlaws were able to come out and score two quick goals. Ty Niskanen scored the first goal for the team, which was then followed up by a goal from Colton Symbol. These two goals gave the Outlaws a 2 – 0 lead by the end of the first period.

As both teams hit the ice for the start of the second period, the Ravens were able to come out and strike first. On this goal for the Ravens, Andrew Bell scored while being assisted by Jake Best and Cole Egan. Before the end of the period, the Outlaws were able to recapture the team’s two goal lead when Aaron Questad scored his first goal of the night. Once the period came to an end, the Outlaws had a 3 – 1 lead over the Ravens.

During the final 20 minutes of the game, both teams were able to score at least one more goal before the final horn. The Ravens scored one goal, which was by Best, while the Outlaws scored three goals. The Outlaws’ three-goal period pushed the team to a 6 – 2 victory over the Ravens.

Adam Kurtenbach, the Ravens’ head coach, discussed his thoughts about tonight’s game. Kurtenbach said, “I thought we competed hard, but we made some basic mistakes that kind of cost us the game.”

Geno McCue, the Outlaws’ head coach, also discussed tonight’s game. McCue stated, “the kids played great. They did what they had to do to win the game. When you have limited players on the bench, and you can walk away with the win, that’s an accomplishment at any level.”

The Outlaws (14-23-1-0, 29 points) were able to complete the two-game series sweep against the Ravens (6-29-1-1, 14 points) tonight.Tomorrow, the Ravens will travel to Wenatchee, Washington, to take on the Wenatchee Wolves for a one-game series.

Notable Performances:
(TRI) Aaron Questad (F) – two goals and three assists
(TRI) Adam Shimamoto (F) – three assists

Eugene, OR – Last night’s game between the Eugene Generals and Wenatchee Wolves went down to the wire and ended with a Wolves’ victory. Both teams were back at it again tonight to wrap up this two-game series. To start the first period, the Wolves were able to score three straight goals while holding the Generals scoreless. Coleton Booth, Raymond Fleming, and Hayden Givens all scored for the Wolves during the period.

After starting the second period with a 3 – 0 lead against the Generals, the Wolves were able to build on the team’s lead. Tom Ignatovich scored during the first 30 seconds of the period, which extended the Wolves’ lead to 4 – 0. But the Generals would have an answer of the team’s own. Jack Thornton scored the Generals’ first goal of the game, which cut the Wolves’ lead to three goals. As play continued, the Wolves scored one more goal before the period came to an end. This gave the Wolves a 5 – 1 lead over the Generals.

Once the second intermission concluded, both teams took to the ice for one last time tonight. During the third period, both the Generals and the Wolves were able to score a goal. As the final horn sounded, the Wolves were able to beat the Generals, 6 – 2.

Justin Kern, the Generals’ head coach, commented on his team’s performance tonight. Kern said, “our guys need to learn how to battle through adversity. They let stuff like a ref’s call and the other team talking trash get the better of them. We just need to battle through the adversity and play our game. Wenatchee is a tough team and they are going to bring it every single night, so we need to battle through and bring it right back.”

Jake Obermeyer, the Wolves assistant coach, shared his thoughts about tonight’s game. Obermeyer said, “we played really well. We came out and scored some goals, which was nice to see our guys score some early goals. But it could have very well been a 3 – 3 game after the first period. The Generals had some great scoring opportunities and we got lucky a few times.”

The Wolves (36-1-0-0, 72 points) were able to complete the series sweep against Generals (21-15-1-1, 44 points) tonight. Tomorrow, the Wolves will hit the road again this weekend to go back home and host the Ravens for a one-game series.

Notable Performances:
(WEN) Hayden Givens (F) – one goal and two assists
(WEN) Griffin Wiencek (F) – one goal and one assist

Bremerton, WA – After a hard fought battle by both teams last night, the Bellingham Blazers traveled to Bremerton, Washington, to take on the West Sound Warriors for the second game in this two-game series. During the first period, it was a closely contended battle, but neither the Blazers or Warriors were able to score. Although, the Blazers did outshoot the Warriors during the first period, 15 – 9.

As both teams entered into the second period, the Blazers were able to break the game’s offensive silence with two goals. The first goal scored by the Blazers came about four minutes into the period when Von Mullin found the back of the net. Then about 10 minutes later, Simeon Smith scored for the Blazers, which was team’s second goal of the game.

During the final period of the game, the Blazers were able to coast to the finish line while extending the team’s lead. With just about three minutes to play in the game, Sean Meetsma scored his first goal of the night for the Blazers. Meetsma’s goal pushed the Blazers to a 3 – 0 victory over the Warriors.

Matt Ferris, the Warriors’ head coach, commented on tonight’s game. Ferris said, “we were much better tonight than last night. Overall, we were hungrier. We had a lot of chances to score, but we couldn’t capitalize. Their goalie played well and our goalie played well too. He kept us in the game throughout the night. It was a much better night all around.”

Phil Carron, the Blazers’ assistant coach, discussed his thoughts about tonight’s game. He said, “we won, but it was bad. We are working on some tinkering of our lines and we are battling through some of that right now. So another week of practice will help.”

The Blazers (29-9-1-0, 57 points) were able to complete the series sweep against the Warriors (8-29-1-1, 18 points) tonight. Now that both teams have wrapped up this weekend’s play, they will prepare for one more game against one another, which will happen exactly a week from today.

Notable Performances:
(BEL) Broderick Parker (G) – 20 saves and the shutout
(BEL) Simeon Smith (F) – one goal and one assist

Tune in to the NPHL’s website following the conclusion of tomorrow night’s game as the Wolves host the Ravens at 7:35 pm (PST).

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