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Why the NHL Draft in Chicago is Perfect for the USHL Junior Hockey News

Published: Saturday, 20 Feb 2016  
By: Grace Breseman

The NHL being held in Chicago will not only showcase the city and the Blackhawks, but it will shed a new light on the USHL. Because the USHL is based in Chicago, the draft in town will allow for a new opportunity to showcase this ever-growing league.

With more players from the USHL in the draft than ever before the hockey fans that don’t yet know this league will certainly know who they are after this event. Having the event in Chicago is something that many different parties fought for. Rahm Emmanuel wanted it for the city, to draw attention and people into the economy of the city.

Junior hockey has a large presence in this town, especially because the USHL is headquartered here. Hopefully the draft will let the USHL take over some part of the draft as this league deserves to be showcased and what better city then where they are located.

The USHL has a large presence in the NHL draft this year, larger than ever before. This league has quickly began churning out players that are becoming big names in the NHL early on in their careers like Jack Eichel. It’s important that the hockey community supports this league more than ever since it’s a proven path of success for young players. It provides a way for players to develop at their own pace, which is invaluable at the beginning of a player’s career. This league prepares players for the collegiate level.

Draft weekend here in Chicago will be a great experience for the USHL to show why their players make better players later on in their careers.

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