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LA Kings Pacific Regional Showcase USHL Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 16 Feb 2016  
By: Grace Breseman

NHL teams have been in the habit of getting involved with junior leagues for many years and now the LA Kings will partner with the USHL to create a Pacific Region Showcase for the junior league that had the most players in the draft last year. California is also one of the top markets for USHL draft picks and was home to many of the players in this year’s USHL Combine.

The LA Kings will host this showcase from March 24-27 for the players born in 2000, 2001, and 2002. This showcase was designed to provide more information to players about what the USHL can do for them and to answer any questions they might have about the league. 

The Pacific Region showcase will be held at the Toyota Sports Center El Segundo. The showcase will be run by NHL alumni and will allow players to have scrimmages, test their skills, and have a Q & A session. Players asked to participate will be chosen by the USHL scouts and will be the top 40 in the region. 

Because the USHL is an ever-growing league, there will most likely be more NHL teams taking the time to create showcases such as this so that they can get to know the talent in their region before they even get into the junior leagues. Scouting is quickly becoming a “who can get there first” game. Scouts are seeking out talents at an earlier and earlier age so this type of event gives them access to the top talent that will be coming up soon. 

Finding a player early on allows scouts to follow them throughout their career and begin to build a relationship in case the player can be of value to the team in the future.

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