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WSHL Tier-3 Championship THIS WEEKEND!!!! Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 8 Feb 2016  
By: Joe Hayek

The Western States Hockey League, Tier-3 Championship playoff is this coming weekend in Cheyenne, February 12th, 13th and 14th.  What better Valentines' Day gift for your hockey fan than to see this championship.  The final four teams competing are our Coyotes, our arch rival Ogden Mustangs, the Cheyenne Stampede, and the El Paso Rhinos.

Our Yotes will take on the Cheyenne Stampede at 3:30 pm on Friday.  We will then play the Mustangs at 12:30 pm on Saturday, followed by a game later that night at 7:30 pm vs the El Paso Rhinos.  Sunday's games will depend upon the winners of the earlier rounds.  The Coyotes will play at either 9:00 am or 11;15 am.

Don't expect to see our big league scorers, Viktor Thim, Erik Stenbacka, Marty Vitolins, Tim Friberg and others at these games.  No, this tournament is for all the players who make each practice and work their buts off but don't get much ice time at the Tier-2 games.  But they have been an important part of this team for months.  Most of our Tier-3 players could be starting for many other teams in this league.  This will be good hockey!!!!!

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