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CIJHL Formally Submits Application to Join the AAU Junior Hockey News

Published: Saturday, 12 Jul 2014  
By: Pete Judge

Jason Nadeau, Managing Director of the Canadian Independent Junior Hockey League, announced last night that the CIJHL has formally submitted an application to join the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and United Hockey Union (UHU). After months of deliberation, the league decided that now was the right time to apply for membership, and hopes to be accepted in time for the 2014-2015 season.

The junior hockey branch of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the United Hockey Union (UHU) has experienced tremendous growth in the past two years.  With the addition of the Ontario based CIHL, the UHU has an all-time high of 60 teams competing across four leagues, 22 states and one Canadian province. If accepted, the CIJHL will help solidify the West Coast contingent of the ever growing organization.

In just a few short months, the CIJHL will be kicking off its inaugural season in Vancouver, and the league office is excited about the potential opportunity to compete in the UHU.
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