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USPHL Prospects Top 50 Junior Hockey News

Published: Friday, 23 May 2014  
By: USPHL Report

Top 10 USPHL Players From Each Division In The 2013-14 Season

USPHL Prospects breaks down the top 10 players from each division in the 2013-14 season. These players produced on the ice and are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the near future.

USPHL Premier Honorable Mentions

John Marino ('97, D, South Shore Kings), Patrick Schule ('94, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Tim Doherty ('94, F, Boston Jr. Bruins), John Jackson ('93, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Brandon Bistodeau ('94, F, Philadelphia Flyers), Teddy McCarran ('93, F, Islanders Hockey Club), Trevor Gooch ('94, F, Philadelphia Flyers), Chris Funkey ('94, G, New Jersey Hitmen), Ben Israel ('94, D, New Jersey Hitmen), Ryan Begoon ('94, D, Connecticut Jr. Rangers), Dalton Shiring ('94, F, Bay State Breakers), Jesper Bargard ('93, F, Portland Jr. Pirates), Patrick Condon ('93, D, Bay State Breakers), Casey Shea ('94, F, Islanders Hockey Club), Sean Lawrence ('93, G, Boston Jr. Bruins), James Winkler ('96, F, Portland Jr. Pirates), Tommy Muratore ('94, D, Islanders Hockey Club), Chad Lehigh ('93, D, Philadelphia Flyers), Ori Abramson ('93, D, New Jersey Hitmen), Kollyn Jones ('93, G, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders), Joe Duszak ('97, D, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders), Shane Starrett ('94, G, Portland Jr. Pirates), Charlie Zuccarini ('94, F, Connecticut Jr. Rangers), Jordan Haskell ('93, F, Portland Jr. Pirates)

USPHL Premier Top 10

10. Mike Laffin ('95, F, New Jersey Hitmen): A New York native, Laffin netted 24 goals and picked up 36 assists in 53 games for the Hitmen last season. He is a first-line winger with tremendous skating abilities. Laffin has good hands but is more likely to beat a defenseman wide than try to get by him with a move. He's a team player with a pass-first mentality and could shoot the puck more. He will attend Holy Cross this fall.

9. James Mazza ('95, D, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders): Mazza is the only defenseman in the USPHL to make our list. He stands at 6'2", 175 pounds and needs to put on some weight to be a top defender in the NCAA. The Kings Park, NY native had 5 goals and 19 assists for 24 points in 51 games last season on the P.A.L. Jr. Islanders. Mazza was dominant in the USPHL and it will be interesting to see what he can do next season at Canisius College.

8. Bryan Lemos ('96, F, Boston Jr. Bruins): You wouldn't know Lemos was a '96 by his stats. The sixth-youngest player in the Premier Division registered 47 points in 53 games, leading Boston to a USPHL Championship. His 5'10", 160-pound frame puts him on the small side, but his speedy and smart style of play makes up for his size. Lemos will attend Providence College this fall.

7. Kenny Gillespie ('93, F, New Jersey Hitmen): When looking up the definition of power-forward, you will find Kenny Gillespie's name listed. A native of North Carolina, Gillespie had 15 goals and 19 assists for New Jersey last season leading the Hitmen to the USPHL Finals. He collected 99 penalty minutes during the 2013-14 campaign and will head to R.P.I. this fall. Gillespie is an extremely strong forward with a powerful shot that anybody would want on their team. He should be able to transfer his game to the NCAA level without a problem.

6. Beau Starrett ('95, F, South Shore Kings): Starrett stands at 6'5" and weighs in at 195 pounds. He scored 12 goals and assisted on 36 in 53 games last season for South Shore. He had a very strong season and will most likely hear his name called at the 2014 NHL Draft, albeit a late-round selection. With his stats, he appears to be more of a playmaker but Starrett could be classified as anything. He was a wonderful shot and likes to throw his body around. His 94 penalty minutes ranked sixth in the entire USPHL. If we wants to be a power-forward at the next level, he needs to up his current 195-pound frame. Starrett does sometimes try to do too much on the ice but that might change when he attends Cornell University this fall.

5. Brian Bowen ('95, F, Boston Jr. Bruins): Bowen scored 33 goals and collected 26 assists in 53 games last season for the Bruins. He has good size at 6'1", 210 pounds. Bowen is another quick and shifty forward that Boston has been known for producing. He is an above average skater with a nose for the net who can also finish. Bowen will head to the University of Vermont in 2015.

4. Dominic Trento ('93, F, New Jersey Hitmen): On September 25, 2013, Trento committed to UMass-Amherst. He showed the Minutemen why he will be a great addition in the fall of 2014 by leading all players in points with 77 in just 54 games. He's been a goal-scorer at every level he's every played and is yet to miss the playoffs since starting junior hockey in 2008. Trento is an all-around player who could have played in the NCAA last season without missing a beat. He will be a big contributor to UMass-Amherst this season and could have a decent hockey career after college.

3. Joe Lappin ('94, F, South Shore Kings): Lappin notched 28 goals and 17 assists for South Shore last season. His 27 regular-season goals tied him for first place in the USPHL with Boston's Brian Bowen. As Hockey Scouting News puts it, "Lappin is a smart and skilled forward with a great shot. He capitalizes on chances and can put the puck in the net. Not necessarily slow, but could use skating work." Lappin is an early '94 and still has one more year of junior eligibility before making his college decision.

2. Ryan Badger ('94, F, Philadelphia Flyers): A native of Hainsport, NJ, Badger lead Philadelphia in scoring with 63 points in 48 games. His 41 assists were third-most in the entire league. Badger is a 5'10", 180-pound playmaker. Nothing is really outstanding with his game but he just does everything very well. When watching Badger play, it's easy to see why he was named captain of the Flyers. He will attend the University of Maine this fall.

1. Nolan Vesey ('95, F, South Shore Kings): Vesey is a dominant player and will be a big addition to the University of Maine this fall. The top four was all a toss-up but Vesey was chosen number one simply due to the fact that he is the youngest. In 53 games, Vesey registered 26 goals and 42 assists. He is 6'0" and weighs 175 so there is room to add weight before his tenure at Maine begins. A native of North Reading, MA, he is strong in every aspect of the game. Even though he is smaller than some players, he is hard to knock off the puck and slow down. His brother currently plays at Harvard University and his father played six seasons in the NHL, AHL and IHL after a four-year career at Merrimack College.

USPHL Elite Honorable Mentions

Paul Lochner ('93, F, Tampa Bay Juniors), Bradley Harley ('94, D, Atlanta Jr. Knights), Sam Dargene ('93, G, New Jersey Hitmen), Shilo Vega ('94, F, Florida Eels), Ross Mandigo ('94, F, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Carl Witty ('93, D, Boston Jr. Bruins), Taylor Brost ('94, G, Hampton Roads Whalers), Luke Miller ('94, F, South Shore Kings), Michael Bunn ('94, F, East Coast Eagles), Cam Smith ('97, F, Potomac Patriots), Brendan Calello ('93, F, New Jersey Hitmen, Jason Michaud ('94, F, Portland Jr. Pirates), David Szmyd ('95, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Anthony Ragone ('93, D, Springfield Jr. Pics), Connor McPherson ('94, D, East Coast Eagles), Aaron Peters ('93, D, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs)

USPHL Elite Top 10

10. Tyler Wolf ('93, F, Rochester Jr. Americans): Standing at just 5'6", Wolf is a small and quick forward every team wants. In 37 regular-season games, Wolf had 19 goals and 33 assists for 52 points. A disciplined player, he only managed 8 penalty minutes all season. Wolf will attend Hobart College this fall. 

9. Will Massey ('94, G, Rochester Jr. Americans): One of the top goalies in the league, Massey had a 23-5-4 record for Rochester and was the only goalie with a goals-against average under 2.00. A native of Pennfield, NY, Massey stands at 6'0" and weighs in at 195 pounds. His college intentions are still undecided. 

8. Stephen Gaul ('93, F, Springfield Jr. Pics): Gaul finished the regular-season fourth in Elite scoring and was third on his team at the end of the year. With 66 points, Gaul scored 39 goals in 40 regular-season games and then added 6 in the playoffs, leading Springfield to an Elite Division Championship. He will attend Manhattenville College this fall. 

7. Cody Rodgers ('93, D, Florida Eels): The oldest player in the USPHL, Rodgers finished a solid junior career with the Florida Eels scoring 36 points in 37 regular-season games. Rodgers tallied one goal and three assists in four games before the Eels lost in the semi-finals. At 5'11", 180 pounds, Rodgers has average size but is extremely strong in every aspect of the game. He was a top defender in the Elite Division but currently does not have NCAA plans. 

6. Alex Brissette ('93, F, Hampton Roads Whalers): Leading his team in points with 78 in just 40 games, Brissette was one of the mot dominant offensive players in the USPHL Elite Division. A native of Danbury, CT, Brissette stands at 6'0" and weighs 190 pounds. He will be attending Utica College in the fall of 2014. 

5. Nikita Shpakov ('94, F, Boston Jr. Bruins): The Russian-native tallied 50 total points in just 39 games last season with Boston. In the 2012-13 season, Shpakov registered 6 points in 15 games for Boston's EJHL team. He's a small 5'9", 172 pounds and excels on the power-play. Twenty-five percent of his regular-season points came with the man-advantage. With one more year of junior eligibility, Shpakov has not announced his college intentions. 

4. Zach Dixon ('94, D, Atlanta Jr Knights): At 6'2", 190 pounds, Dixon has the frame of most junior hockey defenseman. His 19 goals and 29 assists are stats that any defenseman would envy. He was undoubtedly one of the best players in the Elite Division and would have been a regular on most Premier teams. He plays every scenario but probably didn't belong at the Elite level. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next season. Dixon currently has not announced his college plans. 

3. Brian Brown ('93, F, Springfield Jr. Pics): At number three is Springfield forward Brian Brown. A native of Florida, Brown scored 17 goals and had 52 assists in 39 regular-season games for the Jr. Pics. Brown is another player that could have played at the Premier level without missing a beat. In the 2012-13 campaign the 5'9" forward totaled 40 points in 45 games for Springfield. In the fall of 2013, Brown will attend Tufts University.

2. Kevin Loppatto ('93, F, Springfield Jr. Pics): Leading all players in points and arguably the best player in the Elite Division was Kevin Loppatto. He managed 21 goals and 68 assists totaling 89 points in regular-season and post-season games. With all teams who are deserving of a Premier team fielding a squad in the top division next year, it will be interesting to see how long that 89-point single season scoring record stands. Loppatto is uncommitted for the fall of 2014.

1. Conlan Keenan ('95, F, Rochester Jr. Americans): Keenan lead Rochester in points with 61 in 40 games. In the post-season, the '95 scored four points in five games. The uncommitted forward was fifth in scoring in the entire Elite Division. The 5'10", 170-pound Penfield, NY native had 15 goals and 11 assists for Rochester's EJHL team in the 2012-13 season. One can only assume that Keenan will play for Rochester's Premier team next season where he will be one of their top players again.

USPHL Empire Honorable Mentions
Jeremy Wilson ('93, F, Hampton Roads Jr. Whalers), Marcus Cassidy ('95, F, Hampton Roads Jr. Whalers), Brandon Brown ('96, G, East Coast Eagles), Vaden McManus ('96, D, East Coast Eagles), Richard Gilbert ('95, G, Boston Jr. Bruins), Joe Stasiowski ('94, F, Springfield Jr. Pics), Caleb Snta Maria ('96, F, Atlanta Jr. Knights), Simon Brosseau ('95, F, Adirondack Jr. Wings), Chaise Howard ('95, F, Florida Jr. Blades), Cameron Beaulieu ('93, D, Springfield Jr. Pics), Joe Bizzaro ('94, F, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders), Sean Matusch ('95, D, Brewster Bulldogs), Dillon Radin ('96, F, New York Apple Core), Jeff Schaeffer ('94, F, Philadelphia Revolution)

USPHL Empire Top 10

10. Lawson Fenton ('96, F, Rochester Jr. Americans): Fenton is a big 6'2" goalie. In his first year with Rochester, the native of Medina, NY had a goals-against average of 2.71 while posting a save percentage of .908. Should Fenton stay with the Jr. Americans, he has a legitimate shot at making the Premier team for 2014-15.

9. Adam Kjellstrom ('94, D, New York Jr. Aviators): Kjellstrom is a typical Swedish rearguard. At 5'11" 187 pounds, he's very mobile and has strong puck skills. In 36 games for the Aviators, he scored 12 goals and had 25 assists for 37 points. He then added a goal and an assist in three playoff games.

8. Mikel Williams ('93, F, Rochester Jr. Americans): For his size, Williams does get around the ice pretty well but will never be the fastest on the ice. His 25 goals and 39 assists ranked him as one of the top scorers in the league. Williams scored six points in five games for Rochester in the playoffs.

7. Jesse Farabee ('96, F, Syracuse Stars): In his third season in the Empire Division, Farabee had a breakout season registering 78 total points in just 43 games. The 6'3" forward hails from Cicero, NY and could find himself on Syrcause's U18 team next season playing a big role.

6. Kyler Schilling ('95, D, Syracuse Stars): Schilling is an undersized defenseman with a strong shot and average skating abilities. At 5'7", defense will always be somewhat of a struggle for Schilling. The Cicero native needs to improve his skating otherwise he could only be considered a powerplay specialist. He had 10 goals and 21 assists for 32 points last season. Schilling recorded 15 of his points on the powerplay.

5. Andrew Bourdeau ('94, F, Adirondack Jr. Wings): Bourdeau has decent speed but above average offensive skills. Bourdeau scored 29 goals and assisted on 34 for 63 total points last season leading the Adirondack Jr. Wings in points. In three playoff games, the Castelton, NY native had 1 goal and 5 assists.

4. Joe Quinn ('96, F, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders): Quinn was an extremely effective player in the Empire Division last season. Being a '96, he was eligible to play for P.A.L.'s U18 team and it would have been interesting to see what numbers he would have produced. Quinn scored 80 points in just 44 games with 26 of those coming on the powerplay.

3. Joseph Paul ('95, F, Hampton Roads Jr. Whalers): Paul hails from Mullica Hill, NJ and had a monster year for the Whalers. His 54 assists were most among all Empire players, which portrays his style of game perfectly. Paul is an adept playmaker with a hard shot who excels on the powerplay.

2. Eric Sugrue ('93, G, Florida Jr. Blades): Sugrue has been a member of the Jr. Blades since 2011 and he has been a player Florida has relied on heavily in net. This past season, Sugrue posted a 19-1-0 record including four shutouts as he lead the Blades to a USPHL Empire Championship and USA Jr. Hockey Nationals appearance. He lead the entire league in goals-against average at 1.79 while his save percentage was solid at .935. The Naples, FL native will attend Becker College this fall.

1. Bryan Owen ('94, F, Rochester Jr. Americans): Taking home the number one spot in the ranking and also recording the most points in the Empire Division is Rochester forward Bryan Owen. The Denver, CO native had a line of 34 goals, 46 assists for 80 points in 37 games. In the post-season, the 5'10" 165-pound sniper recorded 4 goals and 4 assists. Owen could have competed on Rochester's Elite team last season and a strong off-season could lead to a top-9 spot on the Jr. Americans Premier team in 2014-15.

USPHL U18 Honorable Mentions

Roberts Smits ('95, F, Selects Academy), Darren Capobianio ('95, D, Bay State Breakers), James Callahan ('97, D, New Jersey Hitmen), Bruce Stachitas ('95, D, Rochester Jr. Americans), Dylan Vrees ('96, F, Islanders Hockey Club), A.J. Johnson ('95, F, Boston Jr. Bruins), Owen Campbell (96', F, South Shore Kings), Alex Ignatenko ('96, D, Islanders Hockey Club), Chris Adams ('97, F, Bay State Breakers), Mitch Donovan ('97, F, Portland Jr. Pirates), Kenneth Hausinger ('96, D, Skipjacks Hockey Club), Blake Busch ('95, F, Skipjacks Hockey Club), Kevin Resop ('97, G, Boston Jr. Bruins), Dylan Healey ('96, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Patrick DeBlois ('96, D, Portland Jr. Pirates), Austin Pieniaszek ('96, F, Rochester Jr. Americans), Cam Carbone ('96, F, Boston Jr. Bruins), Kory LeBlanc ('96, G, South Shore Kings)

USPHL U18 Top 10

10. Brandon Crawley ('97, D, Selects Academy): Standing at 6-1, Crawley was just one of the many big and strong defenseman that lead Selects Academy to a USPHL U18 Championship victory. Weighing in at 195 pounds, the Glen Rock, New Jersey native scored five goals and had six assists in 27 regular-season games. The left-handed defenseman is uncommitted.

9. Christian Hausinger ('96, D, Skipjacks Hockey Club): Hausinger lead all defenseman in points last season with 34 in just 29 games. The Anchorage-native stands at 6-0 while weighing 190 pounds. Out of any division, the U18s had the strongest defenseman and Hausinger was no exception. He and his brother, Kenneth, will attend Sacred Heart University this fall.

8. Luciano Bucci ('96, F, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders): Playing in 26 games, Bucci averaged exactly one point-per-game and had the most points on his Jr. Islanders team. The Franklin Square, New York native is your typical U18 forward at 5-10, 170 pounds. He's a fast and quick player that could end up playing with his brother, Tommasso, next season on P.A.L.'s Premier team. Bucci is uncommitted.

7. Jono Lindquist ('95, D, Skipjacks Hockey Club): Lindquist joined the Skipjacks after a brief stint with Brookings in the NAHL. A native of Minnesota, Lindquist did not take long to adjust to the new style of play as he pilled up incredible numbers. Thirteen goals and 16 assists for 29 points in 18 games put Lindquist at third in highest point-per-game average in the Division. He has not yet announced his college intentions.

6. Robert Campbell ('95, G, New Jersey Hitmen): The lone goalie to crack the top ten, Campbell earned it in many ways. Not only was his 1.73 goals-against average the best in the league, but his .927 save percentage caught the eyes of many people along the east coast. Campbell is a big net minder at 6-1, 170 pounds. Campbell has not announced his college decision.

5. Chris Moquin ('95, F, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs): With 18 goals, Moquin lead all players in the U18 Division while also collecting as many assists. A native of Hooksett, New Hampshire, Moquin wasn't the quickest or flashiest player on the ice but he has a knack for scoring and generating offense. The 5-11 forward will attend Saint Anselm College this fall.

4. Grant Jozefek ('97, D, New Jersey Hitmen): Jozefek started the season in the USHL but shortly after was sent home where he joined the Hitmen. Perhaps with a chip on his shoulder, the '97 defenseman scored 37 points in 25 games as he helped lead New Jersey to the USPHL U18 Finals. The Chester, New Jersey native isn't the biggest around at 5-9, 165 pounds, but he knows how to score. Jozefek is committed to Northeastern University for the fall of 2016.

3. Anthony Siderio ('96, F, Selects Academy): Also with a few USHL games under his belt is center Anthony Siderio. A native of New Jersey, Siderio started the season with Youngstown but soon after joined Selects Academy where he would go on to score 48 points in just 30 games for South Kent. He's averaged-sized at 5-9, 161 pounds and will attend the University of Connecticut in 2015.

2. Chase Priskie ('96, D, Selects Academy): Without a doubt the most dominant defensive player in the U18 Division was Chase Priskie. Starting the season in the USHL with Fargo, Priskie had one assist in three games. He hails from Pembroke Pines, Florida, and scored 10 goals, while assisting on 19, leading Selects to a U18 title. He has size at 5-11 and intimidates any forward that has to battle with him in the corner. The defender won the award for Best Defenseman in the U18 Division last season. For 2014-15, Priskie will play for Salmon Arm in the BCHL before attending Quinnipiac University in 2015.

1. Karl El-Mir ('96, F, Selects Academy): Taking home five of six awards he was eligible for, there's no doubt El-Mir was number one in the U18 Division. Not only was he awarded a U18 Champion, but he also had most assists, most points and was crowned MVP and Offensive Player of the Year. He scored 54 points in 30 games for Selects, proving his dominance. El-Mir will attend the University of Connecticut in 2015.

USPHL U16 Honorable Mentions

Jake Ryczek ('98, D, Selects Academy), Hunter Garlasco ('97, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Tage Thompson ('97, F, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders), Danny Reidel ('97, F, New Jersey Hitmen), Colin Slyne ('98, F, Connecticut Jr. Rangers), Noah Strawn ('98, F, South Shore Kings), Liam O'Sullivan ('97, D, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Zachary Sanchez ('97, G, Selects Academy), Justin Gray ('97, G, Islanders Hockey Club), Shane Gaudrealt ('97, F, Skipjacks Hockey Club), Albert Tysgurov ('97, F, Skipjacks Hockey Club), Alexei Masanko ('98, G, New Jersey Hitmen), Tristan Phillips ('97, D, Skipjacks Hockey Club), Vladislav Vulkanov ('98, F, Boston Jr. Bruins), Sam Mueller ('97, D, Syracuse Stars), Avery Steele ('97, F, Selects Academy), Colton McAllister ('97, F, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Ricky Carballo ('97, F, Islanders Hockey Club), Aaron McPheters ('97, D, Selects Academy), Joseph Cipollone ('97, F, Selects Academy) Donovan Ott ('97, F, Selects Academy) Evan Sullivan ('97, D, Springfield Jr. Pics), Dan Smith ('97, D, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Patrick Cozzi ('98, F, Connecticut Jr. Rangers), Nolan Egbert ('97, G, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders), Justin Arnold ('97, F, Islanders Hockey Club), Rob Lennox ('97, F, Bay State Breakers), Matthew Bloomer ('97, D, Rochester Jr. Americans), Taylor Slade ('97, D, Boston Jr. Bruins)

USPHL U16 Top 10

10. Ilya Putintsev ('98, F, Boston Jr. Bruins): The Russian forward put up impressive numbers for the Jr. Bruins last season. The 5'8", 150-pound '98 birth-year scored 28 goals and had 16 assists for 44 points in 28 regular-season games. He added one goal in two playoff games. If he chooses to stay in the United States, Putintsev should be able to transfer his slick skills from the U16 level to the U18 level. 

9. Kyle Hallbauer ('97, D, New Jersey Hitmen): Standing at 5'9", Hallbauer skated in 30 games with the Hitmen and recorded 13 goals and 18 assists. A Howell, NJ native, Hallbauer was third in scoring among U16 defenders. He would be a top 4 d-man on the Hitmen's U18 team should he stay with New Jersey next season.

8. Alex Limgoes ('97, F, Selects Academy): Using his 6'0", 175-pound frame to his advantage, Limoges was able to put up 56 points for Selects Academy in just 30 games. The Winchester, VA native, Limoges was just one of the many reasons Selects Academy was so dominant last season. Should he stay at Selects Academy, he will be a contributor at the U18 level.

7. Josh Boyko ('97, G, Selects Academy): Boyko lead all U16 goalies with an incredible 1.14 goals-against average and a solid .941 save percentage. A native of Mississauga, ON Boyko is 5'9" and weighs in at 155 pounds. His three shutouts and undefeated 19-0 record were capped off by winning the USPHL U16 Championship and advancing to Nationals.

6. David Farrance ('99, D, Syracuse Stars): One of the youngest players in the entire USPHL, Farrance not only exhibited strong defensive play as an all-star defenseman, but he also posted impressive numbers of the Syracuse Stars. In 28 games, Farrance had 20 goals and 12 assists for 32 points. He also racked up 50 penalty minutes proving he's not one to shy from physical play. Whether or not Farrance will join Syracuse's U18 team next season is still a mystery. While he will dominate, another year at the U16 level might be best for his development.

5. Alex Whelan ('97, F, New Jersey Hitmen): Whelan was, without a doubt, one of the best players to play at the U16 level in the 2013-14 season. His line of 35 goals, 40 assist and 75 points defends the previous statement. In just three playoff games, the Ramsey, NJ native posted 3 goals and 4 assists as the Hitmen advanced all the way to the championship game. Whelan will attend Quinnipiac University in 2016.

4. Ryan Finnegan ('97, F, Skipjacks Hockey Club): Finnegan is a gifted offensive player to say the least. The Tecumseh, KS native had 80 points in 31 games last season with the Skipjacks. He has terrific vision topped with a knack for scoring. Like most players his age, Finnegan, at only 5'4", 120 pounds, will struggle to be effective at the NCAA level. That's not to say he won't succeed, but he'll need to become stronger and even more quick. The '97 is committed to Quinnipiac University for 2016.

3. John DeRoche ('98, F, Boston Jr. Bruins): Another future Quinnipiac Bobcat, the Lynnfield, MA native posted a strong 32 goals, 42 assists for 74 points in 32 games. DeRoche was a dominant U16 player and could have excelled on Boston's U18 team as well. He leads by example and could find himself on Boston's Premier roster in the near future. As stated previously, DeRoche will attend Quinnipiac University in 2016.

2. Gvido Jansons ('97, D, Selects Academy): Jansons is a prime example of a player who flew under the radar. In the 2013-14 campaign, Jansons scored 4 goals and collected 8 assists in 23 regular-season games for Selects Academy. He has amazing size at 6'3", 210 pounds. The Latvian-born rearguard was drafted in the fifth-round in the KHL Draft. Jansons doesn't have an above-average shot for his size and will never have league-leading numbers but his solid defensive play was uncontested among defenders. It will be interesting to see if Jansons stays with Selects Academy for next season but he will for sure draw the eyes of NHL scouts prepping for the 2015 Draft.

1. Jason O'Neill ('97, F, Skipjacks Hockey Club): O'Neill gets the top ranking due to the fact that he not only posted 78 points for the Skipjacks U16 team, but O'Neill was also able to score at the U18 level. In 13 games, the Maryland native had 2 goals and 3 assists while collecting 14 penalty minutes. He was big among U16 players at 5'11", 165 pounds and will catch your eye with off the charts skill. He has a natural stride and makes the game look easy. One can only assume an NCAA commitment is in the near future for O'Neill.

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