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NHL scouts are watching Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 2 Jul 2012  
By: Randy Russon

Being on the radar of a National Hockey League team means a player has at least been identified as a potential pro prospect. Well, the future file list of an NHL scout who I had a lengthy chat with on the weekend contains the names of several players who skated in the North American Hockey League and Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League during the 2011-12 season.
It began with me asking the NHL scout about certain 1995 and 1994 birth year players who were in the Tier 1, Ontario Hockey League during the 2011-12 campaign. By the time we were finished yakking at a social gathering, I had names of players from the Tier 2, NAHL and NOJHL leagues who my scout friend already has entered in his future file as prospects worth watching come the 2012-13 season.
Brett D'Andrea and defenceman Alex Archibald, Fresno Monsters goalie Tomas Sholl and Janesville Jets defenceman Garrett Cecere.
D'Andrea and Sholl both have Division 1 commitments to play at Bowling Green University in the fall while Cecere has a D1 commit from Colorado College effective the 2013-14 campaign.
D'Andrea, Archibald and Sholl all have 1994 birth dates while Cecere, an undersized, offensively-skilled blueliner, was born in 1995.
Ken Appleby from the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners, slick forward Danny Descrochers from the North Bay Trappers and smooth-skating defenceman Tyler Sehovic from the Soo Eagles.
Of course, it should be noted that any scout's prospect list is just that -- a list. It doesn't mean a player who appears on the list will ultimately be drafted.
Anthony Stolarz and Connor Hellebuyck.
The NHL scout friend in question receives tips from his trusted contacts on players who has never seen play before, so-called "sleepers" who he plans on tracking over the course of the 2012-13 season.
Two of the players have links to the NAHL, though they have yet to play there.
Dallas McLaughlin, who was tendered by the Soo Eagles after scoring 38 goals for them in 54 games while playing in the NOJHL last season.
Scott Conway, who was selected by the Texas Tornado from Detroit Victory Honda in the fifth round of this year's NAHL Draft. Conway is the son of British Hockey League Hall-of-Famer Kevin Conway, who once scored 148 goals in a single season. 

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