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What Is The Next Right Thing? - Junior Hockey News

Published: Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013
By: Steve Pronger

What's red and smells like green paint?


Think you've got it?


I suppose there could be a rainbow of answers to this little riddle but there is only one, right one. So what is the right one? While you over-think the answer consider this.


The time that it took you to come up with your answer to this riddle is the same amount of time it should take you to do the next right thing.


No joke.


Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to tell you some things your brain won't. I will explain to you the three obstacles that prevent men from knowing what is the next right thing. In other words, I will reveal to you how your brain is screwing you and preventing you from doing the next right thing.


I have spent years involved in exhausting research (some of it productive), compiling and summarizing data in order to reveal the first obstacle to male functional correctness. Over the years I have had plenty of male counterparts to observe and while most of these subjects may not have been all that sound, the conclusions I draw from them are. What I discovered isn't pretty.


The fish rots from the head boys.


The male brain is faulty. This is the first reason why men over think and struggle with deciding what is the next right thing to do. If there is a tiny glimmer of relief here, it is in the fact that this condition is not our fault, but it's our natural condition. It is how men are born, built and innately function.


Combining the results of this research discovery with my son's Mensa-like teenage wisdom, that I should "keep everything simple" and "write it down so I can remember, Dad", I am finally presenting this information for the benefit of the collective male brain within the hockey community. I can tell you now, that presenting things in simple sentences, in black and white and easy to erase or delete (in case men don't like it), is the best way to aid male mental digestion. "Guys like to cook with the microwave Dad, not the stove". This is why I am thankful for the pages of juniorhockey.com.


Oh ya... What's red and smells like green paint?


Red paint.


If you answered anything other than red paint, it means you have a tendency to take too long to do the next right thing (or miss it all together).


So let the evidence draw the conclusions it may. The first obstacle to not knowing the next right thing or to not doing the next right thing is your very own brain. The male brain is faulty, nothing but trouble and is out to screw you. This being the case, is it possible to ever know what is the next right thing?


The answer is yes if can correctly answer this next question.


What's green and smells like red paint?


NEXT WEEKS PRACTICE - "I am doing the next right thing. Aren't I?"

Status: Guessing is better than doing nothing.


Steve Pronger's blog COACH HIM publishing "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You" - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing, can be found at: coachhimstevepronger.blogspot.ca


Follow Steve on Facebook at Coach HIM


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