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Daily Dish: The Real Farmington Goalie Story - Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013
By: Stephen Heisler  |  Web site: JuniorHockey.com

Before we get into this, I need to fully disclose how this article came to be. This is not my work and I have to keep the author anonymous. There will be plenty of manure flying once the story is told, so here it goes. 

 Farmington's hockey goalie temper tantrum problems doesn't end with Senior Austin Krause---Dad Nick Krause has his own issues as well.

More news brought to you by an anonymous Lakeville North High School Hockey parent, who's disappointed by the actions of the senior player who purposely disgraced his own team.

All you hear about in this story comes from an obvious disgruntle teenager and since I have personally crossed paths with this "sophomore" I decided to dig into the story and put together a list of facts (which can be checked and double checked at any time).  Something about this story just didn't add up, all one sided; all you see is "sophomore this or that". My 1st question is did he earn it?.......It sure sounds and looks that way.

Right out of the gate I have to say sorry folks,  this is Minnesota High School varsity hockey. This great state has varsity hockey teams all across it, with all ages making up their rosters, nothing new there. Good thing Austin Krause is not an older Golden Gopher, since the Gophers "freshman" goalie has been getting the net time... can you imagine that Golden meltdown.

You have the senior's meltdown, but according to Farmington Youth Hockey Association, now you have father Nick Krause; whose ban from coaching obviously wasn't enough; has kept up his tyrant ways to get himself banned from being able to attend & watch the younger child's Farmington U10 team. This is due to constant yelling and meltdowns of his own - For those who don't know; U10 is not High School girls hockey-- U10 is made up of 9 & 10 year old girls.

How over the top does your behavior have to get; to not only get yourself banned from coaching, but then to actually get yourself banned from watching in the stands at your hometown ice arena for a year? It had to be so out of control, to get the boot for a year.

Reports confirm: Nick Krause disregards the FYHA hockey board's decision and shows up anyway. It has been reported that the City of Farmington has told Krause they will pursue a restraining order against him; and that his presence at the ice arena will become a matter of law. Talk of the town says Nick Krause has his own adult size Temper Tantrum, saying he take coaching staff volunteers down with him; ----- model citizen.

Let's hit the whole Senior/Sophomore debate, (It's just a simple matter of having to share)

Reports confirm the Farmington High School boys hockey staff handled the goaltending like professionals. All reports confirm even though the sophomore posted a top try out performance.  The coaching staff decided to start the varsity season with the two returning goalies, and the two new sophomores were to start at JV; so how can anyone attack the Farmington High School staff on that evidence.

The senior was given the season starting #1 spot, the junior was given the #2 spot; and the 2 sophomores were given the #3 and the #4 spots. It was not until after some losses a quarter of the way through the season that the door was opened for the sophomore to move up and start doing double practicing with both squads, at which time all three goalies were told "whoever works the hardest will play".  It's put right out in the open and again; we blame the coaches why? 

It is just as wrong for boys or girls to believe a sports spot is theirs based solely on age.  Look at how many kids bust butt in the off-season, so they can return to their hockey program a stronger, faster, better player.  Coaches are not always looking for the oldest kids; they are looking for the right ones; which involve not just skills, but morale, attitude, and heart.

The Farmington senior says the sophomore "was put on varsity on the spot".  The fact is the sophomore started his year on the JV team; it was not handed to him. What is wrong with him working his way up the ladder? The answer is nothing at all.  That's why all players continue working hard through the year. Isn't the road map of life, working hard for what you want?

Farmington reports have also confirmed that coach Keith Revels holds an annual summer hockey camp, which is an opportunity for the kids to knock the rust off the skates and get some extra work in for the upcoming season tryouts.  It also plays as an opportunity for coaches to see how returning kids are progressing and which new kids are coming into the pipeline. 

What I found to be funny after seeing all the accusations of coaching favoritism and people trying to lay down that card, is that the sophomore Gage Overby does not attend the camps held by the High School coaching staff, he spends his summers training with a group called The Goalie Club at Shattuck St. Mary's and skates the Shattuck St. Mary's boys summer camp. 

I found evidence of this on http://www.thegoalieclub.com/ - his picture is on their home page, upper right corner in a gold helmet. I was also informed that for his work ethic, dedication and heart, the sophomore had also been honored by T.G.C by being pictured on their posters, also on brochure covers and for those of you that attended the Hockey Expo at the Excel Center you more than likely walked past the Sophomore on the 7 ft banner for The Goalie Club, featuring 2- Shattuck goalies and Farmington's Gage Overby. They train players from all over the Globe and for this kid to amass these types of honors. Well I'm going to have to give him a little more credit and say that maybe, the selfish Facebook quote "he's terrible" is not so accurate.

Reports also confirm that the rise to the varsity team has been no walk in the park for the sophomore.  All comments say that his teammates have been great and glad to have him aboard, but he has had to endure certain parents cheering against him during his games; which in all my years I have never heard of hometown parents cheering against their own team on home ice, but the reported cheers were clearly narrowed down to a select few.

A true team player does not intentionally put the puck in the net and cause his team to lose. That move; I'm sorry to say clearly states, I didn't get my way, I didn't get what I want; and it's an all about me attitude. Just because a kid played youth A hockey, that doesn't mean you are entitled to be the next Golden Gopher or Minnesota Wild player. Especially when it's been reported by hockey parents that this is not the first time the senior has walked away from his fellow teammates; investigation says it has happened on past summer time teams.

Reports confirm: Seniors fill out a brochure for people to read about themselves on senior night.  One of the questions this year was "what is one thing most people don't know about you?" The senior's answer was "I have a short temper". He states on twitter; that he asked his teammates about scoring and that they thought it would be funny, but many teammates have posted on twitter their true feelings about what transpired.

Now I have to assume that since this future Marine has no problem openly posting comments, that he can handle the backlash that comes with having no manners. I mean it's not a smart move to openly post Facebook remarks about your fellow teammate, saying "He's terrible" when your conference stats show yourself in 11th place and the "terrible" sophomore is in 5th.

When your save % is 87.7 & the terrible kid's save % is 90.1

When you have 10 goals against in last 3 games and the terrible kid is 9 against for last 4 games

When you have never had a higher save % than the terrible kid during any point of the year.

When you have never being your conference leading goaltender and the terrible kid has.

Confirmed reports: also are glad to declare that the reported season-long feuding between the two goaltenders and their families is false and never occurred. Which is miraculous; when you consider the reports of the open cheering going on against the sophomore.

This is my personal meeting with the sophomore Gage Overby.  Last year my high school players and I went to watch our Bantam A North boys take on the Tigers in districts for the move to Regional's (North had dealt the Tigers some losses through the year) and this was do or die for both teams, it was move on or go home.  The Tigers took on the challenge and shut us down by dealing us a 5-0 loss and ending our season.

I was heart broke for our North boys, but I couldn't help and waited to tell the Tigers goalie what a great game he just played, the young man's response back to me was, "thanks -my team did great" ..no.. "I" ..no.. "me" ....it was "my team"... now that's a class act hockey player.

That goalie is now the "sophomore goalie" people are hearing about.  I believe myself to be a good judge of character and from that one statement, I can tell you that young gentlemen is an asset to any hockey club he skates with and they should be proud to have him.

After seeing the channel 9 interviews, and after taking in everyone's thoughts and reports, I can definitely say, I'm glad Mr. Krause is not my kid's guidance counselor. You sir are just one of those guys out there that no matter what, you are never in the wrong, you are entitled to everything, give me, give me, give me, and god forbid anyone take a chip off your cookie.

This problem clearly does not start with the kid, it 100% starts with the parents. Nick Krause says stand up for what you believe in, and sure that's absolutely great; no argument there.  But to be okay with a kid taking his team down with him; well I can't disagree with more; and you say you're a former Marine? Well I'm glad I never had to go into battle with you.

It is also confirmed that besides the parents, you also have the grandparents who stayed late, after that game, so they also got a chance to leave the arena, while flipping everyone the bird. Yes by all accounts, when the family name comes up, everyone's response "ohh yeah we have dealt with them,"" oh my gosh have you met the Grandma?"   I'm not kidding, the stories are so overwhelming that you would think it's bull, .....but it's not.

So again, let's get back to the roots with the father being banned from the arena, and if one thinks' about it, those things don't happen from some one time incident, it takes multiple types of blow ups and altercations to get yourself into that type of situation. But, no matter what some people are just never wrong, and from the channel 9 interview you can clearly see that Mr. Krause is one of those people, and I'm calling it like it is.

I think the marine corp. is going to be a great thing for Austin Krause because it's going to teach him a whole new set of values, and true life entitlements. They will completely strip away Mr. Krause's oblivious all about me attitude atmosphere; that is unmistakably surrounding the young Krause, and it is going to be a great bright new sky for him.

All I saw was a kid proud of throwing a parental instigated temper tantrum with his finger in the air, that only stated a 5 year old stunt of "I'm taking my "puck" and going home!

I also think if the senior made the appropriate apologies, that the class associated with the Farmington High School Hockey Team & Coaching Staff, all would make peace, and allow young Krause to rejoin the team (maybe not play) but still rejoin the team and finish his season, standing tall & taking the right footsteps of respect & responsibility of becoming a true Marine.

Now wouldn't that be a great hockey story!


posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 8:12am
Drew Miller says:
To be honest it is incomprehensible. 10 year old girls, sophomores and seniors, marines, banned parents and meltdowns? What the hell is that?

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 9:53am
Stephen Heisler says:
Minnesota hockey at it's finest.

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 10:41am
Christian Poulsen says:
Drew, its not incomprehensible to me...while its not the "norm", stuff like what's in Stephens article and what you listed happened (at times) in arenas all over the country (and the younger the players, the "worse" it seemed to be)...
...in the early 2000s, USAH really got its "education programs" in full swing at the youth levels (required Parent and Coaches Code of Conduct training etc.)...
...having said all that, I ask if Minn. youth Hockey (and HS) is now part of USAH?...if not, does Minn. have its own "conduct" training that starts at early ages and is supported through the years?...at the time of this needed "blitz" of conduct education, Minn. was not USAH, if I remember correctly...

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 11:05am
Bill Mueller says:
I've seen that dad, or his facsimile, in virtually every rink in Cali. Their kids don't normally make it past the early stages of developement.....in any sport.

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 11:26am
Christian Poulsen says:
I hear you Bill...I once saw a Mom at a youth (apx 8 yr old) baseball game and by the end of the game, her hands were all bloody from clenching and clawing on the chain link backstop...I have many more examples like this in youth sports, as I'm sure many readers do...

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 12:15pm
Jason Merritt says:
Minnesota has HEP(Hockey Education Program)that attempts to educate those involved with youth hockey. This program doesn't carry over to the high school level. Minnesota high schools are governed by the MSHSL. Please don't lump all Minnesotans involved in hockey as classless idiots. Many, many of us are true fans supporting our kids, their teammates and the game of hockey itself. Everyone I know that has come across the Farmington story has been appalled.

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 2:38pm
Michael wood says:
It's a shame that adults need conduct education in order to watch their kid's sports. Whatever happened to common sense. If you think you saw the biggest a......at a game, rest assured you there's a worst example right around the corner. Unfortunately this behavior runs across state lines.

posted Feb. 20th, 2013 - 3:57pm
Jenni OConnor says:
There is a term for these parents - it's called 'Psycho Parents' Having 4 kids, all athletes, playing all kinds of sports, I've seen it in just about every sport - unfortunately the ones hurt the most are their kids - and most of the kids, no matter how talented, who have these unfortunate parents end up quitting sports when they get old enough to stand up to these nut cases. My husband and I coached a number of teams - we would address at the beginning of every season acceptable and unacceptable parental behavior and the consequences, have them sign a parental code of conduct where we had support from the league. AND follow thru. Until these people are held accountable for their actions it will continue to occur. As hard as it is, the behavior has to be confronted when it occurs.

posted Feb. 21st, 2013 - 7:57am
Stephen Heisler says:
from another parent...
"What he did was wrong, wrong, wrong, but is a symtom of something going on with the team. He saw 4 freshman make the team before tryouts, he saw 4 freshmen start the first game like they were the top players, he saw one of the freshmen be given a goal and some assists by the coach that he didn't earn, he saw one of the freshmen taken out of a physical game because the coach thought he might get hurt, he saw a freshman come back after an injury not having to play JV, when others have never played a regular shift on varsity after injury, he saw the bus pick up a freshman from home when he missed the bus when last year they made the leading scorer miss the section game because he missed the bus. He may know of the conflict of interest that the coaches daughter is coached by the freshmen's dads, or that he is good buddies with one of the dads. Oh and by the way the freshmen who are forwards have not added any value to the team no matter that they have had twice the playing time. the two freshmen defensemen have been very good. He saw all the unfairness and related it to his situation of not getting playing time he thought he deserved. What he did was wrong, so is what is going on with the coaches and the four freshmen."

posted Feb. 21st, 2013 - 10:06am
Christian Poulsen says:
Just my opinion (like everything)...
...we pretty much all jumped on the "Psycho Parent" bandwagon (I'm not ridiculing you Jenni, it is a term known here as well) and I think we rightfully did so (considering the stated and unstated examples)...
...but in the back of my mind I was also thinking back to youth sports and about the stuff that Stephen just posted from "another parent", and how this "other parents stuff" (if true) also "runs across state lines" (Michael wood) (and for that matter, national lines)...I also have many examples, as I'm sure many readers do...
...and I also think this stuff is in all walks of life (unfortunate?, maybe)...
...so anyway, using metaphor, I believe you either/or let this stuff stop you, you go around it, you go through it, or you take it down...and putting the puck in your own net and skating off the ice is letting it stop you (or is it a last resort of taking it down?)...
...but the kid said "...its just a game"...??
...Yea, I have/we have heard that before...but these "games" are huge chunks of lives...
...or is my brain out to screw me?...

posted Feb. 21st, 2013 - 1:34pm
John Conley says:
So many teachable moments here...

posted Feb. 21st, 2013 - 2:02pm
Christian Poulsen says:
"Compelling and rich"

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