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Published: Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013
By: Steve Pronger

What if you where to go to the closest dollar store and buy a lottery ticket and god forbid you won? Then after collecting your winnings, you decide to keep playing hockey at the junior, college or beer league level. Would you finally be getting paid to play?
The Inner Mind, or as I like to call it the MAN CAVE mind, is the second section of your brain that I would like to introduce to you. It's the section that's tucked not so neatly behind the IN YOUR FACE part of your brain. Like the IN YOUR FACE section of your brain, the MAN CAVE mind also consists of two parts. Its first part, the INTUITIVE part, or the "just do it" part, would be the part of our brain that should automatically or innately keep men (except for teenage hockey playing boys) out of trouble.

For instance. After you have mailed it in for 60 minutes and lost that easy road game, INTUITION is the part of your brain that would get you to step on the team bus, not in front of it. In regards to teenage hockey playing boys, they do not have what we could call a mature relationship with INTUITION. This has been well documented as the example below indicates. I call it the coach's board discovery.

I found the FOX 40 coach's board to be the best I have used. While I am not getting an endorsement for mentioning their product, I am compelled to say this particular board had the smoothest writing surface and the best suction cups. Staying firmly stuck to the cold arena glass was an important quality during an hour and a half practice. However, one of the best features of this particular board was a surprise discovery.

It came to my attention shortly after the season began, that when I left the ice at conclusion of practice, the teenage hockey players that were in my charge would use this 2.5 x 3 foot white board as a target. Its durability was second to none.


According to our team trainer who, along with the water bottles and pucks, had the responsibility of bringing this board in after practice, said this shooting ritual had been going on for some time. With this new found knowledge (and desire to see if they could actually hit this target), I lingered one day after practice. Just as I was stepping off the ice I heard, "Just do it!" followed by a slap and a crack.


While the young men I had been coaching at the time could apparently hit this target, they sure as hell missed the net a lot in games. What I discovered was that some of these players were absolutely "morning glories" and that the Intuitive part of their brain, which should automatically rush them off the ice once practice was done and running for their school books, wasn't there at all. Like the practical thinking part of our mind that gets buried, sadly Intuition also competes for face time with the EGO.

Intuitive motion or kinesthetic rout, as I call it, can lead to successful outcomes for hockey players, limiting or preventing over thinking and the dreaded choke.  As for the everyday man, Intuition is also present, the level to which it helps you being dependent on the individual man. It exists to varying degrees and for various reasons but we all need it to live - and for some of us to stay alive. This is the part of the mind that may lead us to spend 10 bucks a week, or more, on lotto tickets when we feel the big win coming in our gut.

If for once your Intuition was right and you won that big lotto jackpot, you could buy that team bus and finally get out from underneath it. If you wanted to keep playing hockey I guess you could too. While no one else may pay you to play, by purchasing your own arena, you could finally have what all hockey players dream of. You could finally have the most minutes on your team.

NEXT WEEKS PRACTICE - "It Will Be Painful"
Status: Preparing the body - lots of fluids.


Steve Pronger's blog COACH H.I.M. publishing "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You" - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing, can be found at: coachhimstevepronger.blogspot.ca


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