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Published: Monday, 21 Jan 2013
By: Steve Pronger

You have had a week now to chew on the last article and I know I left some of you with a huge mouthful of cheese. Purposefully I gave you the time to swallow the fact the men need Life presented to them in order with order and the fact that men are poor at digesting those scouting reports that are regularly fed to us.

My goal in these posts is to help you eat and then easily digest anything that is put in front of you. But to do this you must agree that your brain is out to screw you. Once you embrace this fact you can swallow any amount of cheese that comes your way and easily order and eat that second pizza too. Any duffle bag can be made pleasant to the nose if you accept that it stinks. And we won't just spray it with Febreeze.

Men want life presented to them in order with order - "things gotta be easy". Men struggle to accept and own certain things that Life throws at them - "things take time". Likewise those of us who have spent time in hockey and studied coaching know that we have been fooled at times into thinking players need so much practice. I think everyone who has a TV or the internet has heard Alan Iverson's now famous rant... "Practice". The fact is we all need some practice but not as much as everyone thinks. Why? According to Iverson and me, the games we play are in fact practice too. These games are what I refer to as the business of Life.

These players who loved to practice too much I called "morning glories" referencing the morning skate or semi practice that took place on the morning of a game day. Ah, yes. This type of player would wiz around the clean fresh ice, blades cracking the hard unused frozen surface looking like the best skater in the world, untouched by the concept of a contact sport.

To skate, stick-handle or shoot unchallenged by an opponent at this practice made him feel invincible and that he had exceptional skills. I wish I could have found these guys in the middle of the second period when the other team was beating the crap out of us. I'd look down to the end of the bench to find my godsend bent over saying, "Coach I don't feel well".

There is a similar lesson to be learned from the concept of test driving brand new cars. Why some men insist on test driving brand new cars is like having those morning game day skates. A brand new car is brand spanking new. It will be good. Get you where you're going? Wife and kids will be safe, no? Yet this is still not enough for some of us. To drive, then criticize and over analyze a car that we will never own (or write the check for) makes a certain portion of our brain feel like we're number one. Just like putting a wrister by the number 3 goalie.

 So I will state this here. I will make fragrant the insides of all those duffle bags and I will show you how to eat that pizza even if the cheese is too much. No longer will you need a morning skate or feel you have to test drive a car you can't afford. With so many other books, blogs, support groups and charities going to less worthy causes, I have chosen to support the forgotten man and his hopeless plight. While no one else may be, I will be here for you guys. Every week you can skate around here and actually get checked. Each week you can test driveThe Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing.

 NEXT WEEKS PRACTICE - "Your Teammates"
Status: Trashing your dressing room.

 Steve Pronger's blog COACH H.I.M. publishing "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You" - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing, can be found at: coachhimstevepronger.blogspot.ca Follow Coach HIM on Facebook.


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