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Published: Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013
By: Steve Pronger

How do I know this? Being a hockey coach I wanted to start off with something real and something I am familiar with. Men - you and your brain are sharing space and it's time you understood who your teammates are. Your mental teammates are trashing your locker room and have left you wondering why you are paying for the clean up. And you know what? You didn't even get to go to the party.

This idea will be the main theme and primary message of the series of articles I will write for Junior Hockey. Yes, Your Brain Is Out To Screw You. I would like to thank Junior Hockey.com for providing me with the space and audience to share this fascinating insight with, as well as the many others that will be coming to you each week. Over the years I have been given much from the great sport of hockey and as a coach the desire to return much to the game never ceases. The amount of wisdom I have gained, both on and off the ice, from the players, the talkers, the listeners, the thinkers, the screamers, the fighters, the peace keepers, even parents, is staggering.

So if you have clicked on to this page by mistake or if you have actually taken the time to find and read this post, I imagine you are wondering? What?... My brain is out to screw me? But, if you are one of the few of us who is wise beyond his years and wasn't involved in trying to settle the NHL lockout you might be saying," Sure...I knew that". If you have never suspected that it has been your brain who has made all those mistakes for you, you better get used to the idea quickly because it's been happening your whole life. I know...and you're just reading about it now.

I do have one regret, as I begin this journey with you, and that is I didn't write this column sooner. The series of articles will form what I am calling, "The Men's Guide To Doing the Next Right Thing". I have known for quite a while now that men need to learn, understand, accept and live with what's in our heads and this needs to be spoon fed to us in a way that we can swallow and digest. And it needs to happen before any more damage is done to us by our brains. For example, it has been common knowledge for years that men's brains have been actively in charge of their ears, shutting them off at the most opportune of times. I now know most of you haven't heard this before. You can expect to receive this type of wisdom each week.

You see men think our brains are ok relative to everyone else around us when they are not. We have not listened to and then really studied the scouting reports about the deficiencies in our own game. We have been receiving these scouting reports our whole lives but spent most of our time worrying about our opponents. So, the next time you find yourself sitting on the bench, your feet getting cold, open up your ears instead of the other thing and listen real carefully to the crowd. Through this series of articles I will show you how to do this. By the way the crowd has not been chanting..."Lou".

While men are clearly the empty net for the shots in these articles, the women readers in our lives can find just the medicine they need to help her man be the guy she thought she had. The coaching I choose to deliver in this column adopts a "we go forward" approach and is not gender specific. The humor contained in these posts is meant for all of us for the purpose of self -identification. However, the message within is serious and designed for those who require a fresh thought and perhaps a fresh start. So week by week, The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing will show you how "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You". And I will be here to spoon feed you.

NEXT WEEKS PRACTICE - "you'll find this cheesy"

Status: Getting stinkier by the day. 


posted Jan. 8th, 2013 - 11:00am
Stephen Heisler says:
Steve Pronger makes a big splash in his first appearance for JuniorHockey.com.

Very nice addition to the team.

posted Jan. 8th, 2013 - 11:10am
Christian Poulsen says:
This is and gonna be good!

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